What is success to you?
I am sure, each and everyone of us have different opinions about this. Some might say that working in their dream job and having a million dollars in their bank account is success. Others might choose to live a comfortable and peaceful life with their family and loved ones.

The thing is, each and every person define success in his/her own way. It's different, like we all are from each other. But it's not a piece of cake to become successful, you need to work your behind off with patience, hardwork and immense amount of passion.

Failure is a part of Success

FAILURE! A part of success no one wants to discuss about. It gives us sadness, a sense of mortification as well. One thing people tends to forget is that, failure is the greatest teacher of all. Without failure one can never be successful. People are afraid of failure. In fact we all are petrified of it. We don't want to face it or fight it.

You know what guys, failure teaches you in ways success can't. It moulds you into a better person and what can be greater than that! It is a process of learning. Remember Ninja Hattori's dialogue "Try Try Pe Don't Cry." Yep that one. Cute, isn't it?

Failure means you are trying and you tried your best. Actually you are giving your best. Take responsibility of your failure, own it and wear it with pride.

No need to feel humiliated

Take a good look around you. You can see success and failure, going hand in hand in every single damn day amongst different people. An office goer wasn't able to catch the bus on time, a child made the worst coffee of the century for the parents, a dancer failed to perfect a complicated step. But that doesn't mean that they should stopped trying right? They should try to give their best the very next time they try.

If someone has failed, that doesn't mean in anyway that they will not be successful in the near future. Or if someone is savoring success today, there is no guarantee that they will not fail tomorrow. It is a segment of life. Learn to treat your failure like your success because it is inevitable. That is why remember, everyday is a new day, a new life. So get the hell up, buckle up and give it your best.



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