New To Your Workplace? Things That Will Help You Deal With Few Problems..

Damini Agarwal
Jan 06, 2019   •  12 views

Let me tell you one thing, Never get flattered by someone's praises. We all must have heard this line at some point of time in our lives for sure that those who praise us never want us to prosper and those who point out flaws always want us to do better. That's true. The process of learning is a never ending one. We all learn many things daily. All we have to do is make mistakes sometimes knowingly in order to spot the person who wants your betterment in the crowd. I may sound obnoxious. But trust me, you have to sometimes put yourself into a trouble in order to see who takes you out of it. Some people just want to see you happy selflessly and some are just never able to stand your prosperity. I am going to be 20. Only2monthsto adulthood. But I know I have seen a lot till now. And Idoubtif anyone of my age sees the reality behind fakeness, Like I see it. And I am very proud of me. It's not being over matured. It's called being wise.

If you are reading this, now is the time when you will meet new people everyday. You will have to go to new places everyday for study or work purposes. All you have to do is acquaint yourself in the best possible way you can. Don't rush after things. Just be calm and wait things to fall into places. Anxiety attacks will be common. Over thinking is like a meal we eat every night before we sleep. But never worry. Don't stress your self to not think because that's not in your hand. Whenever you go to a new place, don't be pretentious. But yeah don't even try to feel at home, the very first day. First few days, be polite to everyone and just observe the things happening around you and the people at your work place.

The most important thing, Smile.
Always keep a smile on your lips. You never know who falls in love with your smile rather than your work. People are not always appreciated for their work, but their behavior and zeal to work.

Second most important, never complain. Just accept every challenge you are given. Make others feel that you are confident. Doesn't matter if you are not able to complete your assignment. You will be appreciated for your zeal and enthusiasm to work. Don't forget that you are even being observed in the first place.

Be keen to learn. You are never an expert since birth. But always think that your senior might not know things you know and you may not know many things that he/she knows. Never disgrade the knowledge you have come with. Knowledge multiplies when you share. Yes, the next thing is Be Inquisitive. Never be afraid of asking questions. This is a very common fear among every newcomer. The fear of being either mocked on or being judged that they might think, I know nothing. But If you get the answer to your questions, It's only you who is getting benefitted. So always ask questions.

  • Two quick thoughts on this. Sometimes it happens that to whom you ask, might not know the answer being your senior. Never make him feel insulted. Just smile and discuss about the issue and find the solution together. This way you will make him feel comfortable being with you. Afterall every senior was a subordinate someday.

  • Never ask questions just to get into a conversation. Always be aware of basic knowledge before going to the workplace. Some people feel, asking questions will make sure that they are paying attention. But things go wrong and you end up irritating your colleagues. So be careful

Always be aware of things happening around you as told earlier. When you are new in a place, you are knowingly put into a situation in order to judge your capabilities. You just have to be courageous enough to face it. Never mumble when you are being asked about anything. Just speak confidentiality whatever you know related to that topic.

Never be demotivated if anyone disregards your work. You are the working for yourself. Making yourself proud and your boss contented. Always learn from your mistakes. If you are scolded for yoir mistakes, you cannot get angry on your senior. Just let go of this habit as soon as you can. Always find flaws in yourself. And if someone else points it out, Be thankful to him/her , rather than frowning. Trust me, if they correct you, they really care for you. I always appreciate if anyone points out my flaws. I feel, "Apna samajhta hai".I even say people around me that if you ever see me getting diverted from what I should be doing, just scold me then and there. I feel so motivated and determined and I be back to my normal course of work. That's how I keep myself on track always. (But you also need to have such selfless people to keep you on track always. Next post will be mostly about it)

Love what you do. If you don't love your work, you will never be able to prosper. You will feel burdensome. Trust me, It happened to me in the first few days of work. I used to feel impatient. Always in a hurry to go home in lunch hours and seeing the clock in every 10minutes. I used to look at everyone with that fear in my eyes, no matter how sweet everyone was. But eventually, when I realized this place is where I belong all my life. I have chosen this workplace,I cannot run away from here like this. I have to Give my 100% to make myself feel proud. Trust me I changed abruptly. I started loving everything at my workplace. The work which once used to be feel like a baggage, is what I crave for now. I love working now. I am always ready to get files and registers on my desk. I speak with confidence and a smile that this work will be completed on time. I know my capability and I am sure everyone knows theirs. Nobody knkws you better than yourself. People will always guide you if you show interest. One line to sumup, "Woumar gayi ki mummy hath pakad ke chalna sikhaegi. Uss kaabil bana diya hai Maa Baap ne humein.. Ki Ab khud ke pairo main khada hona hai khudse sab sikh ke, aur jald hi unko apne kandhon main bitha kar duniya dikhaani hai.."

Stay focused. Love your work. Respect everyone. Keep a smile. Be active.

Don't show that you know everything. But you are always ready to know always.

Know that you know everything, and always better than others. In short have confidence in yourself and your knowledge.