Is Attending Engineering College Worth Or Not?

R.Manoj Aiyer
Jun 19, 2019   •  30 views

There are lots of arguments going on this topic .Many people in India think that going to College and getting the Engineering degree as a pride or one of the qualification for marriage.This is one of the topic that is to be debated especially in India because there are many enginnering graduates who are jobless.Lets start with the Pros that prove that going to College and getting a degree is worth.

Going to College is worth Why?

  • College introduces the student to a diverse of people.We will learn to handle different people and pressure.As an engineering student after finishing his degree he will be a person who will be able to take any kind of hardships in life.

  • Getting a College degree is a successful achievement in Life.That gets a new profession behind our name.For ex Manoj B.E.

  • College allows to explore opportunities and technologies.It acts a better platform for the student for the student to learn and explore.

  • Learning in College is always worth.

  • College graduates are more responsible members of the Society.

  • It has also been seen through research that college graduates live longer and healthier.

  • They can attract good companies and can easily get loans from the banks as they are graduates.

  • These graduates make more money.

  • College graduates have more and better employment opportunities

  • College helps you to develop our leadership skills by organising events and taking responsibilities in college.

Going to College is not worth Why?

  • Studying in an Engineering College is costly.Student loan debt often forces college graduates to live with their parents and delay marriage, financial independence, and other adult milestones.

  • We waste our time and money as we are learning some subjects that are not needed for us.If we invest our money in some official certifications like Google,Microsoft,Oracle then we will be easily be hired by the companies.We learn some technologies we dont like just to get passed.If you want to become a android developer you can learn only the technoogies needed for that in depth.

  • Many recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed.Especially here in India there are lots of unemployed graduates.This is due to the lack of skills that the companies expect.

  • Many people achieve great hieghts in their life without College degrees.Example:Mark Zuckerberg (Founder and CEO Facebook),Elon Musk (Founder Tesla, SpaceX and much more)

  • College degrees do not guarantee learning or job preparation

  • Most of the Colleges have Syllabus that are not updated and people study these out dated subjects for marks.

  • The total cost of going to college also includes the cost of missing opportunities to make money at a job

  • College stress can lead to health problems and other negative consequences.These has let to loss of lives of many students.



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I think whichever subjects we learn in college all help us in the future, but we don’t really know now!
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