The gladdest moment in human life is a departure into unknown lands. – Sir Richard Burton

Travel is an art. It is an emotion that every person possess. It is just the time and skill that matters, that makes some very good at traveling that they travel whole year and some cannot find the time to travel. It depends on people whether they wish to travel or not. One cannot force a person to travel if they don’t wish to.

Travel has various definitions and evokes varied emotions in different people. Some find adventures as travel, for some travel means to go to someplace romantic and spend time with their soul mate, some find peace in traveling to someplace spiritual and religious, and for some traveling to some isolated place which is hidden from everyone’s eyes gain them solace. Some travel in a group as they think it is more fun and lively but for others traveling alone is an option as it brings solace and inner peace to them. You cannot dictate your opinion on anyone. People from different walk of life travel for different reasons, businessmen travel to find new opportunities for their business, students travel to study in different countries and gain experience, doctors travel to save lives, etc.

Traveling is fun. You travel to different places around the world, see some unique and unusual places, great art and architecture, savor and relish different cuisines, meet and greet new people from different walk of life, learn something new like a language or maybe something more fun, shopping is an all-time favorite activity of every traveler to buy some souvenir from the place they are visiting, something which will make them remember the beautiful memories. One more thing which travelers like to do while traveling, clicking pictures like crazily. That is something which everyone likes.

Well, some have travel genes in them by default but some don’t. People should develop this important gene in them. Travelling is important in life. It teaches you a lot of things. Traveling means you get to do everything on your own. It brings you out of your comfort zone and makes you do things which you would have not done otherwise. It brings out a different person out of you, someone who is totally opposite to the normal one. Everyone should travel around the world to explore a unique and unidentified world. Travelling gives you something which you will cherish your whole life and it gives you a break from the monotonous routine you follow in your everyday life. Travel helps in the overall development of one’s personality.

So, pack your bags and embark a life-changing journey and see the world from a different perspective.



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