This is my last article for wrytin and I'm dumbstruck! Now that I'm realizing how much I struggled to keep up with the article submission deadlines and my normal life. I realized that I have a lot of feelings for this that it deserves to be my goodbye article. Like many of my fellow wryters,I too, was doing the same things, studying the same things..and of course, gareebi!! I tried so many internships but this one was what actually gave space to my thoughts. Yes, writing randomly about what I felt orexperienced in my life. However, the equal pressure to submit 8 articles a week, those rechecks and reDos by mentor and ughh!! The 1000views and it's struggle ( I'm added to the family group because I had to loose my cover of not being "active" on WhatsApp). But everything was worth at the end when I started getting appreciations from my friends, not friends, and the most happiest moments were when my mentor used to compliment me even for little things I wrote. I felt worth writing.

I always wanted to write. Not novels or stories but something. Writing made me happy. I am still an introvert who do not like to express her views so openly and this is why all these articles I wrote were a different world altogether. I am still not confident about my vocabulary, tenses, grammar, and everything it takes to make an article worth reading. I never knew I could come up with all my thoughts.

Writing is a magic that lets you be you in whatever way. No one is there to judge you, no one is
gonna hate you for what you express. Yes, there can be some controversies and comments but that
will only make you stronger and more liberal. Letting out your feelings and thoughts to the ones who

actually need your viewpoints is always looked upon. Having that courage to present your innerself
in front of thousands or hundreds in my case, is a big task. This is not self appraisal but it’s a
confession of an introvert to the world upfront that yes even we can speak our hearts. Nothing is
more important than growing from what you were to what you had come up to. And I am proud and
thankful that I grew somewhere. No matter 1% or 10% but atleast I started my way.

I guess this is the best way to release stress and mend anything that might have broken you
somewhere, when no one is around to listen you. This is what makes you calm. To pen down.
Whatever you think, feel or want, just write your heart out. Crying is one such thing that makes you

light and writing is another. Trust me I never knew this much till I did it myself. There comes a time

when you need to stop reading others views and start writing your own. Afterall you own everything
happened to you.



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yea sure:)
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ohh Nice do provide me some tips