We're hanging tight for tomorrow,

Be that as it may, tomorrow never comes,

Our final gasp is directly upon our heels,

However regardless we will not run,

We're in a one more day,

All getting past us,

As we look the other way,

Days, weeks, months, and years,

Are comprised of the present moment,

A string of passing minutes,

That we never can bind,

We look into what's to come,

Just as its where we're intended to be,

Continually making arrangements for that day,

When we can say that we're cheerful,

We spend so much time looking forward,

That we should be visually impaired,

Since we don't see until the end,

Every one of the things we've deserted,

Presently I know its only a hypothesis,

Be that as it may, I think ive worked out how,

The best way to satisfaction,

Is to adore what we have now"

Leaving someone is not a phrase but an emotion that the other person in the relation bears. Ever seen those reality shows where people come and tell their life stories about their parents leaving them midway of their life when they needed them the most? Must have heard about a boy leaving his girl after a small fight saying ‘I can’t handle this anymore’, parents leaving their new born babies on streets near dustbins or on doors of some orphanages. How harsh one could be in this world. LEAVING is not a simple normal alphabetic word anymore. This is full of sad emotions, infuriating scenes, frustration of passerby’s, shame in the eyes of ones who did the same once, and humiliating for our so called Indian poverty belts which do not allow these unborns to let see their healthy future in this country where there are no proper programmes for people under BPL.

People leave but their impressions stays. This is true maybe. Leaving is the best way for people to get rid of their responsibilities that might have fixed someone’s problems and heartaches. But they don’t realise that they can’t skip some chapters, that’s not how life works. They need to keep going instead of leaving them in between. Half of the mental diseases are a result of such fears that are caused because of cowardice of people who are not up for any new or their own responsibilities. Whatever the reason maybe but leaving someone in between that too helplessly is something worse than worse. And if may ask that why do people leave? Leave their parents, children, loved ones, wives, husbands. Sadly, there is no answer.



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Thankyou so much guys😅
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A gud platter of Deep lovely words🥂
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