What interests you the most? This is the first thing you must ask yourself before finding the job that

suits your ability. Working is not something you do just for the sake of money and other perks.
Working somewhere out of your comfort zone and working all day should not tire you ever. And this
is why one must look for their interest first and then prioritise monetary outlooks.

The first step is to make your profiles on some online sites. Searching jobs online is one best way,

also because you do not need to roam for walk-in interviews, they themselves call you if you are
suitable to their preferences. These days so many sites are supporting job searches like Indeed,
LinkedIn, naukri, etc. You just need to visit their portal and update you profile with the best job your

interest and capabilities suits. The type of job, the atmosphere, salary you expect, post you need,
duration you need to work, etc etc. Everything you consider important for your comfort while
working is mentioned there and the same is asked for the work you give them. Also the firms are
approved by these sites and there is no chance of any fraudulent.

After-all social media is one that platform which is important for a site or any business to get known

around the world. Public exposure is necessary for any firm to get into the existence in people’s
minds. Public is anyway lazy to go and check each and every firm and availability of any post. This is

not the correct way. Getting notified sitting back home is the easiest way you can get a job.
Now talking about what not to do. Never sign a Bond that asks you to continue working for a
particular time period and in case of resigning they might secure an amount of your salary or bring
you under any law of paying some amount. Signing an agreement where only basic details are
mentioned and time period they want you to serve them but not any legal action is talked about is
fine but any contract where circumstances are mentioned in lieu of your resignation before the
tenure they’ve hired you for is not worth a penny. They might put you under any legal obligation if
you resign because of any urgency. Say straight NO to those bonds until and unless you are 200%
sure of not leaving the job no matter what may come.

So, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that follow what you are interested in. Monetary perks

are always lower than what your heart wants. Do what your heart desires to do even if they pay you
less but at last you will be happy doing your job. Or you might become a poor with all the money you

There is no reason buying a luxurious bed if you don’t feel sleepy at nights, and no means of buying a

car if you don’t feel like going out.