Someone had once said that "Dogs are the best friend of man" and yes it was indeed wisely said. Who said you have to own a dog to feel the companionship?There are some people who have contributed a lot to make the lives of these homeless dogs better and they may be ordinary like us but to those wagging tongues and cute eyes waiting patiently for them, these ordinary people are their heroes or a Superman.

It does not always require you to do something powerful and great to be labelled as a hero. A small thing can also make you a hero for someone. Just a small act of generosity can make a big difference in someone else's world. To us it maybe extremely trivial but to someone else, be it a human or aanimal it might be something huge, something to look forward to.

Such an unsung hero is Raghav. He is an office employee and is very fond of puppies but due to his busy schedule he never got a chance to have one. When he was a child he had always wanted to get a dog of his own. Sadly his parents had never allowed it. Even when he finally got his own place, he could not get one. But he always made a point to feed the street dogs in his colony everyday. The time that he spent with those dogs was something he looked forward to everyday. All his troubles melted away whenever he was surrounded by those goofy but lovable little puppies. Everyday the dogs used to wait near his garden sharp at 7P.M. and he used to go to hisoffice in the morning and constantly stare at the watch thinking when it will be 6:30 P. M. again. Raghav proved to be a hero for these little ones who eagerly awaits his return everyday.

Once I saw a little boy who worked at a tea stall working very hard to earn a livelihood as he was an orphan and with him was an orphan dog. Whatever the boy had he also gave it to the dog. They had a very beautiful relation and no one can describe it neither can I.

Such heroes or I can say normal people like us are everywhere. Even in my colony I have seen people bringing food in vans and giving it to all the street dogs out there and taking care of these little ones with love as if they are their own. These dogs have nothing to fear because these students, volunteers and even the middle aged people take care of them. I have seen people coming and giving them monthly medical check up. Street dogs are not meant to be feared or ignored. They also have a life and they also crave for love and care. I with all my heart respect these normal people who are heroes for these little ones and if I could I would have surely given them 21 gun salute. Everyone can be like these people, hero in the eyes of these street dogs, a voice for them. Only you have to awaken your goodness and love for these adorable creatures and and raise them as your kids.

Let's help these dogs to get a better life by giving them food and showering them with love. So adopt rather than spending thousands on a foreign breed. Give them all the love you can as to them you are their entire world. And who knows you may also have your own story like Hachiko. No, not the sad ending, but just someone who will love you unconditionally.