The Intellectual Door-Smart Door Lock System

Bhavya K
Jul 13, 2019   •  24 views

Today, because of the advanced technology we can do a work with a great ease. Things have been made easier and comfortable for humankind. The present day methodology has given rise to numerous inventions. Creations of the past are being getting smarter the help of the latest procedures and techniques.

Usually in this busy world, we can find appreciable ratio of humankind are working and the need to go out of their place. In that case, we would like to provide an alternate the people who wish to their homes. In general, if we consider a family who is going to a vacation to far place. Assume that an acquaintance of that family is going to visit them without any prior information. Then in that situation, the guest might be upset. So in order to help people in such conditions we are have digital door.

Now coming to the purpose of this project, this project aims to connect the household doors with Bluetooth and sensors. That is here define the keyless door, which will be operated with an SMS.

Let us have a look on the structure of proposed system:

Here we find a Wireless networking system where we operate the door with the sensor nodes. Finally, all the sensor nodes add up to form a sink node. The major parts of this system are:

1) A sensor module

2) A communication model

3) Control module

4) An input and output module

5) An Android application

Control Module is responsible for all the operations that include sending the SMS, verifying the intruder and giving notification about burglary incidents with an alarm. The action like checking the door is closed and if not the door is closed. PIR is which is responsible in detecting the motion of person that might be a guest or the owner itself. This PIR takes initiation and send the signal about the person in front of the door to the owner.

The server connects with the database and matches the B-ID of guest. If the owner wishes to give access to the guest then the door opens with the message sent to door via signals from the server. If in case, the ID does not match then the guest will not be allowed to step in to the house. If the guest tries to open with some sort of equipment then the alarm is triggered. Also is the sensor threshold is reached then also the alarm starts horning.

Thus on concluding, I hereby find this project very well. This has been successful o far in replacing many of the normal locks because of the various phases involved in it. They are:

1) Detecting user

2) Fetching b-id

3) Verification

4) Notifications

5) Process according to request

6) Performing actions in case of emergency.

Because of the less setting up cost, this is being appreciated all over the world. Many people believe that this technique would reduce the crime rate. Looking on the commercial side, we would encounter more number of android applications, which would support this keyless door. Thus, this would give job for unemployed people. Taking average of all factors it seems that this project would help in raising the Indian economy and ensuring the public safety.