Benefits Of Choosing Sms For Marketing

Pratham Israni
Jun 10, 2020   •  1 view

Are you thinking of investing a part of your marketing budget in SMS Marketing? Then this article is going to be helpful for you to make that decision. Here I am covering how your brand or company will be benefited if you choose SMS for marketing.

  • Higher Open Rate

Past experiences with SMS marketing shows that it gets much better open rate and response than email or telemarketing. People avoid taking calls from a salesperson of a company or sometimes even cut the call between the conversation, which makes your customer hate you and you definitely don't want that. If we talk about email, which is also used for marketing, it gets around 20% to 40% open rate, which is way too less than 70% to 95% of SMS.

  • Higher Return on Investment

SMS gets a better open rate, available at a fairer price than bulk email or getting a team of telemarketers. People also pay attention to the messages they receive. Most of the Bulk messages sent are seen by users within a few minutes, whereas emails take more than 90 hours to be seen by the user on an average. All this make SMS an ideal option for marketing with the highest ROI.

  • Brand Recall Value

Generally, it has been observed that people are better able to remember those brands from where they get frequent updates about offers or the latest trends. So then why shouldn't you also increase your brand recall value by leveraging SMS marketing?

  • Affordable

Bulk SMS marketing is also one of the affordable options for marketing. If you are unable to find any good bulk SMS service provider, then I would like you to check out Google listings for these kind of services, that might help.

  • Personalisation

One of the benefits of using SMS for marketing is that you get to send personalised messages to the targeted users. Targeting can be based on location or previous buying behaviour of the customer, and that makes a powerful impact on the recipient without incurring any extra cost. If you also want to know about what type of Bulk SMS services are available in the market, then check out this article on Bulk SMS Services.

  • Speed and Flexibility

The business world is dynamic, so your marketing strategy should also adapt according to the changing customer behaviour and demand. With SMS, you can send messages to your customers with zero virtual lead time which helps you to adapt quickly with the changing environment.