Step-By-Step Guide: Getting A New Garage Door

Aaron Gray
May 28, 2020   •  4 views

Summary- A high-quality garage door installation starts with taking five critical steps. Read on to discover them in under 5 minutes.

Whether you are looking to replace an old garage door or install a new one, the work involved can feel intimidating. It can weigh especially hard on you if you are concerned that a poor-quality garage door installation would risk the safety of your automobile investments. 

Neither do you want a shoddy garage door installation to ruin your outdoor décor, style, and reputation. 

Add to that the multitude of garage door designs, local garage door installation companies, door materials, insulated or non-insulated options, favorite colors, and decorative hardware available today, and sorting through all the choices alone swiftly adds to the confusion. 


But when you know what to do, you can beat the overwhelm and get a new garage door you’ll love.

1) Know your options-

Start your garage door installation shopping before calling in a contractor. 

For example, check online for the different types of garage doors in the market today. 

See if your favorite garage door materials, design, and installation companies are available locally. 

For example, do you see a distributor partnered and permitted to carry your best garage door in their showroom?

Establish how much you are willing to invest in installing the best garage door for your most pressing needs.

2) Determine the material that’ll serve you best-

There are several garage door materials to choose from: 

  • Aluminum garage doors for sale: These ones are light and relatively cheap compared to other materials. Aluminum doors for garages come with long-lasting and aesthetically appealing finishes, too.

  • Steel garage doors: These ones are long-lasting, have low maintenance, and look and feel robust. But, depending on where you purchase and your budget, steel doors can become dented and are generally poor insulators.

  • Fiberglass garage doors: You can easily paint fiberglass garage doors to match your household style and feel. Fiberglass offers better resistance against dents and is lightweight for easy lifting. The doors are generally poor insulators, tooThe material also tends to fade from prolonged exposure to the elements. But fiberglass garage door installations are perfect for coastal regions because they are resistant to saltwater corrosion.

  • Wood composite garage doors: These are made out of recycled wood fibers. Wood composite doors can offer as robust a level of strength as steel garage doors. A wood composite garage door installation, unlike a solid wood door, offers the added advantage resistance to rot and splitting—on top of having the gorgeous, natural look and texture of wood. They are also great insulators if you need insulation in your garage. 

  • Wood garage doors: Wood is an excellent insulator than steel, aluminum, and even fiberglass, and is incredibly strong. 

3) Determine Whether to go For An Insulated or Non-insulated Door-

If you live in a region where there are significant drops in temperatures at different times of the year, consider installing an insulated garage door. 

Installing a non-insulated garage door can cost you more in energy bills as it loses the heat in your home to the colder environment.

4) What’s your style?

There are different garage door styles, which include traditional style doors, carriage doors, contemporary slab doors, and raised panel doors.

Your contractor can help you find the perfect style for your home after you have determined the basics of what you want in your new garage door.

5) Buy your door and have the garage door installation done by a professional-

After working out these easy to implement steps, take the critical action, and get your door.

  • Call a reputable garage door installation company 

  • Express your garage door needs to get recommendations or further question that may help you figure any other detail you may not have noticed or accounted for

  • Get a quote detailing the level of installation to expect, complete with more information such as garage door materials to use, installation time, and cost

  • Evaluate the quote and make comparisons to fetch the best deal

  • Pick your best option

  • Sign a written contract, detailing the project’s guarantee, maintenance, and every party’s responsibilities and deliverables

Over to you

Getting a new garage door can be exciting and overwhelming in equal measure. Use these simple, actionable steps to get the best garage door installation you can afford.