Best Time Tracking Softwares....!!!!

Bhavya K
May 27, 2019   •  6 views

A company having enormous population of employees may can'tbe successful in examining the every employees actions i.e,the time they spent on the assigned works.Therefore we have a time tracking software that helps the boss of a company to check the time spent by his employees on the works assigned to them.


1)It makes oneself more productive.
2)It also tells us where time is being wasted.
3)Through this one can cut off their activities that waste the time.
4)It defines and clarifies one's goals.
5)It helps oneself to stay aligned and complete their tasks.
6)It also improved one's task estimates.
7)It create daily routines and habits.
8)It also helps to adjust work rates.
9)It also reduces the errors in bookkeeping.
10)It also ensures that one cannot save his friend.

1) Employees dissatisfaction
2) Employees fear of being watched.
3) Complexity nature of the software
4) Manipulation can be made in the software
These are some of the disadvantages of having a time tracking software in a company.


1) Everhour

It contains various project management tools namely basecamp,asana and trello.
The strengths of the product r:
1) Easy tracking process:
One can easily login and record the time they spent one each task.The higher officials can find out the employee who haven't submitted the work in due course of time.

2) Flexible reporting
3)Good compatibility

The only disadvantage is one can't edit time from the extension panel.

a)single user plan costs $8/month
b)5 member team plan cost $5/month

This software has helped many billion people in tracking their work. An award called ‘Messiah of a Time Tracking Software’ if exits then it would to harvest only.

1)Versatile Tracking
3)Team-Time Management
4)Automated Notifications

Product weakness are:
1)It is costly.
2)It lacks calendar in the app.
3)It lacks reporting options .
4)The user interface isless flexible.


Single User – $12/month


This has many options included in it which helps both large and small teams.

Product Strengths:

1)Simplified Timesheets
2)Unified Tracking
3)Flexible Reporting
4)Gantt Chart View

Product Weaknesses:

1)No invoice option
2)No customizable options for reports or timesheets.


Free Plan – up to 10 members per team, unlimited tasks, meetings and timesheets, 5MB file attachment, 200 MBs of storage

PRO plan – $2.99 unlimited workspaces with unlimited storage.


It has all advanced options in it. It is one of the softwares for time tracking. We can also observed that the software provides quick books along with any other management software of user preference.

Product strengths:

Versatile Time Tracking
Diverse Reporting
Diverse Reporting

Product Weaknesses:

Unfriendly user interface
If not upgraded ofenly then software begins to malfunction.


Free plan – Single User. Fully featured

$4 per user/month + $16 base fee – 2-99 users

5. Hubstaff:

Even time tracking takes much time. Before the software provides an alternate for all the problems faced in all other softwares. The software contains screen recording, automatic payrollsand also GPS tracking.

Product Strengths:

Advanced Tracking
Advanced Reporting
Centralized Management
Staff Scheduling
Advanced Monitoring


Free Plan – Single User. Limited Features

Basic Plan – $208/month. 50 users. Limited features

In conclusion, investment in a good time tracking software can save you heaps of hours on top of valuable resources otherwise unintentionally wasted in perusing through an overly complicated tool. Make your workspace easier to manage by giving anyone or even two of the above-mentioned time tracking software.