Forest And The Impending Destruction.

Farheen Sabahath
Jul 15, 2019   •  4 views
  • I completely agree that forests provide us the most vital elements and their destruction by human beings means self destruction. Forests provide habitat to millions of species of plants and animals and their destruction would mean that all these plants and animals will lose their habitat. As a result, the earth’s ecosystem and ecological balance will be largely shattered and the consequences of this will be felt by not only by plants and animals but by human beings as well since we are dependent on plants and animals for all our needs.

Forest fire

  • Fires are a natural and beneficial element of many forest landscapes, but they are problematic when they occur in the wrong place, at the wrong frequency or at the wrong severity. Each year, millions of acres of forest around the world are destroyed or degraded by fire. The same amount is lost to logging and agriculture combined. Fire is often used as a way to clear land for other us

Need of forest

  • We know that forests are the sources of various foods we eat and various medicines we need. They help to stabilise the world’s climate, protect against floods and draughts and are also a great support for tribal people.

  • Forests are more than just a collection of trees and other plants—they are integrated ecosystems and home to some of the most diverse life on Earth. They are also major players in the carbon and water cycles that make life possible. When forests are lost or degraded, their destruction sets off a series of changes that affect life both locally and around the world.

Reason of distruction

  • In spite of all these benefits, every year a certain area of a forest is cut and destroyed. The various reasons due to which exploitation of the forests is done are getting wood for timber, road construction, buildings construction, extraction of minerals and energy to name a few.

  • Also, these forests are being cut as they are being used to make huge profits by various organizations by using these trees in construction and making paper.

  • However, mankind soon needs to realise that there are very severe repercussions of destroying the forests. Cutting down of forests bring about severe climatic changes. The soil gets loose and it is carried away by the rivers and deposited on the river or ocean beds. The water level hence rises giving rise to floods in one area and draughts in another. For example, Indonesia has experienced several severe draughts in the recent decades due to the same.


  • Cutting of forests also leads to an interruption in the water cycle thereby, causing an imbalance in the distribution of rainfall followed by soil erosion. Various plants and animals lose their habitat and various species become extinct.

  • For centuries together, man has been exploiting the environment to satisfy his selfish needs. But a time has come, where even the endurance of the planet is being challenged. Like they say, excess of everything is bad. If, we do not stop exploiting our ecosystem now, a stage may come where it may become impossible to repair it. The biggest sufferers in that case will be the human race since it is the human race that is dependent on forests for its simplest to most complex needs.