Are we aware of obesity ? 

Why should we be aware of our family members health and their weight??

The excessive weight which is commonly now called as obesity. It has become a major medical concern among today's world. According to the National Health and nutrition examination surveys(NHANES)(2008-2010), approximately 69% of adults are overweight. Children in the age of 12 to 14 are becoming obese. These numbers have doubled in present alarming by getting high.

There are various health problems being issued due to obesity.

Increased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes high blood pressure and other chronic diseases are some of the hazards health issues. Data analysis says that in recent years 12% of adults age 20 and older are having diabetes whereas 40% of them are having their chronic diseases.

The environment which is related to obesity includes choices people make about their environment, food habits, metabolism and also Genetics. Sitting back in car or desk continuously, the lifestyle which does not involve enough physical activity or exercise required, food habits, alcoholism, junk food breed etc continuous video gaming. Obesity is not something that will happen overnight. It takes a long time. It happens without your knowledge and that's true due to lack of your knowledge about being healthy, it happens and you regret.

Disability of fighting back to obesity is a major concern but rather avoiding Boredom and inclusion of sitback activities like turning on tv and playing video games should be a major step in reducing life-threatening obesity. After a certain time you start worrying about your looks, fitness and wealth.


Just go for some entertaining and physical activity and simply you are having the best life!!!



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