Delhi Pollution Need A Treatment

Ayusmita Parida
Jul 23, 2019   •  6 views

Delhi is India's capital and sixth most populated Metropolis of the world. And it's going on various news that Delhi is requiring oxygen cylinders and masks now a days.

So what is the reason for such pathetic situation??!!

So all these are result of particulate matter pollution and vehicular pollution.

In May 2019 the World Health Organisation announced New Delhi as the most polluted city in the world. The problems include overpopulation, unlimited use of resources, scarcity of water, is having heavy pressure on environment. This metro city is full of dust on road and industrial waste air. The vehicular pollution includes diesel powered City buses and trucks, 2 wheelers and 3 wheelers with two stroke engines etc.

The people here use their private vehicles more than public over survey says that 10000 people here may die prematurely in Delhi because of these air pollution.

Gradually the government tried to lower the pollution by making it compulsory for Metro as well as public transport run of CNG (compressed natural gas).

Growth in vehicle number and mileage are another reason for traffic related sources.

EPCA report indicates that particles from coal and diesel are more harmful than wind blown dust from the vehicular motion is more than that of three Metropolitan cities of Mumbai Kolkata and Chennai all together.

*NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT ENGINEERING RESEARCH INSTITUTE(NEERI)* reported that almost 8000 tons of solid waste being generated in delhi everyday. Since there has been no perfectly developed technology or advancement to treat solid, liquid, waste, water Industrial and Hospital waste in the City.

According to WHO, AIR pollution is the fifth largest killing reason in India. Increase of carbon monoxide, Nitrogen dioxide has made the environment very poor and made life of people well increasing various diseases.

It has become a major concern in Delhi to reduce its pollution .

It is the individual duty of every citizen to control this hazardous problem, if they want their future generation to live in a healthy environment.

*Even a first step can change the city*



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Aman Samantray  •  4y  •  Reply
A great article on the present situation which has created a big problem for the people of Delhi, the step which one should do is , he or she should use public transport rather than his/her own vehicle, this way no. Vehicles will get reduced and since the government buses nowadays run on CNG, the pollution will be less and pollution will rapidly decrease . Awsm one again, keep it up