It has become a major concern about cruelty towards animals. In India it has been on social media that last October 19 year old Kuldeep Karotiya raped a stray taking it to a public bathroom.

A drunk ex army man lead a dog to death by standing on his neck by one foot and another leg was on its Hind Limbs for an hour. Is a housewife in Southern state of Karnataka smashed eight puppies.

All these cases showing severe in humanity are the acts of humans only. Being Human they don't have heart, emotions or feelings. This is also one of the issue that does not gets showed off much in social media. The only reason is that these news don't affect people directly.

Some people just show a little sympathy for these animals and then again wait for hot news.

Why do people wait for such cruelty news that would Spice of their discussion?? Why can't they be aware earlier??

It's not mandatory to harm an animal to wake other citizens up for arising these social issues and making others aware??

An amendment to this law has been awaiting ratification from the Government of India for the past several years; but there is no progress Seen.

Animal empowerment or animal protection does not mean family is becoming Vegan and every individual adoptingpets. Just a small change in behaviour towards these defenseless animals can bring a huge change. Contributing positive Vibes or thoughts will build a safer future.

Everyone must agree on the fact that dogs are most loyal and have ability of deep love and feeling towards humans. Not only dogs are becoming victims the giant beautiful animal like Cheetah too are brought to death by people.

Stray cats and dogs are needed to be cared and protected. Pets are also in danger because they are surrounded by in humans too.

*what's the difference between animals and humans then..!! Humans are just another manimal!!*