Poverty - A National Issue With Harsh Causes And Effects

Ayushi Shah
Jul 06, 2019   •  18 views

The state of being poor is when a person is not able to get sufficient means of housing, clothing, shelter, water, sanitation, education, healthcare and a proper access to healthy food. When a person is not able to get a minimum intake of calories, he is said to be poor. The problem of poverty is reducing at a very slow rate. Every day, 22,000 children die due to inadequate access to food and water because they cannot afford medication for their health. Globally, 805 million people lack money to afford sufficient amounts of food.conditions.750 million people under the poverty line cannot access clean water. The World Bank aims to reduce global poverty to 9% by 2020 and to 3% by 2030.

Some of the causes of poverty in a family are:

* Insufficient education and illiteracy, unemployment

* Overpopulation

* Limits in working ability

* Low quality of family life

* Natural disasters, epidemics

* Low agricultural output

* Gender inequality, untouchability, old social beliefs and castism.

* Corruption, crime and limited access to one's rights, gap between rich and poor.

* Lack of motivation, idleness

Effects of poverty:

* Lack of money leads to illiteracy which leads to unemployment opportunities.

* Creates a social bridge between rich and the poor

* Can lead to poor conditions of housing

* Can cause diseases because of insufficient access to nutrition

* Can lead to crimes


* Creating employment opportunities will boost the economy of the country.Employing the long term unemployed people so that they can make their living

* Pay fair to the employees be it physical or mental labour. All should be judged equally

* Do not discriminate the people working for any type of work. They are earning for their family. It does not matter what work they do. The rich should support the poor to start earning themselves

* Increase the wages and income of the poor workers so that they can fulfill the needs of their family and educate their children for a better future

* Reduce the prices of basic requirements of the poor. They cannot afford to spend lumpsum amount on things they need in their daily life. Medicines, bread, household items should be priced low.

* Providing free education or at a nominal rate to the extremely poor section of society.

* Governments all over the world should invest in projects like proper education, sanitation, electricity, health, and employment opportunities which benefit the poor.

* Corruption and inequality should be ended.


Poverty is not only a national problem but it is also one of the major problems faces by countries all over the world. The rich are getting rich while the poor are getting poorer. Poverty brings grief, despair, negativity towards work as pain to a person. Poverty has to be eradicated for national growth.



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