Apparently, China is making its own artificial sun and moon.

This article is about China’s artificial sun.

The Sun in our Solar System is the basis of all life on Earth. It gives light to the planet and nurtures our ecosystem. The source of Sun’s energy is the process of fusion. In Sun’s core, Hydrogen combines to form a heavier element Helium and in the process of doing so, releases an enormous amount of energy.

Sun was supposed to be the only large light source of the planet.

Well not anymore.

China, the upcoming superpower of the world, is on a quest of achieving the unachievable. It will be launching an artificial sun soon.

China’s HL2M Tokamak, or rather the artificial sun, will be the next pinnacle that will be added to China’s belt. This artificial sun will supposedly mimic our Sun by getting powered from nuclear fusion.

It is actually a reactor and the nuclear fusion reaction will power up the core of the reactor. That will in turn heat up the plasma present inside. This plasma consists of electrons and ions, which is trapped by a magnetic device ‘Tokamak’.

China’s ambitious project will harness the energy released by nuclear fusion, a process not yet controlled by man. Fusion involves combing small atoms to form a larger atom with a tremendous release of energy.China's Hefei Institute of Physical Science recently reached 100 million degrees core electron temperature and 50 million degrees ion temperature, more than 15 million degrees of sun’s core.

But to sustain the process of fusion, hundreds of millions of degree of ion temperature is required. And scientists are researching more in that regard.

China's Sun will surely make the dream of unlimited energy a true deal.

This started as a test project in November last year. But scientists were able to create such high temperature which has made something remarkable possible. It's launch.

It is expected to launch this year, in 2019.

And the world is anxiously waiting to see it.