How do you define love and what is its significance in your life.

I think it could be easy for some people to exaggerate its importance but still they will confuse themselves by thinking that about which love, I have mentioned above. Here, it means the love between two souls with a relationship tag.

Every person has a different and unique perception about love where some consider love as a blessing in disguise and some believe that lifetime relationship with love is just a fantasy. It is obvious that every individual has its own views on every particular topic.

Coming across various views it could be assumed that there are few people who even consider love as a risk.

But calling such a pure feeling as risk, it gives rise to a feeling of aggressiveness among people who had a positive experience in love and healthy relationship. You must have heard about certain new words like “Fake love”, the person who uses this word, would either be dumped by its partner or might had a breakup after knowing about any affair.

Nowadays, Love has been such a common topic that whenever people meet you, they use to ask about your love life. It has been a human tendency to know about every personal detail of one another.


Love = Love


Love = Lust

Love and lust are complementary to each other in today's scenario as people assume lust as love. In today's world, it is damn difficult to verify the difference between love and lust. Here, comparing is not the motto but slowly and gradually they are replacing each other and becoming as a whole.

Usually, we talk about all the conditions of love and its essentialness but still very few are aware of:

What actually love is?

Have you ever given a thought to this statement? Let's know what true love is or even it exists or not. The most correct example of true love is motherhood.

Like your mother loves you without any expectation or anything in return and this is what a true love stands for.

The day you will start expecting anything from your love i.e. your partner then you will get hurt the most as whenever you start expecting something from your partner during relationship and if the things are not going as per your expectations then it could cost you nothing but your happiness.

Conclusively, Love is the purest jem on the earth.

It is our responsibility not to let it ruin just because of few humans foolishness as they are not aware of its importance for the survival of humanity.

“Love is neither a risk nor it carries expectations”



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Geetisri Patri

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Love Or Lust

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