Some Amazing Ideas To Do Facial At Home

Avishikta Das
Jul 12, 2019   •  8 views

When you step out of your house, you can feel that summer literally burns our skin. We are bleesed with this super hot summer season.

Not only that, summer also gives us so much tan . Summer makes our skin super greasy and oily. During summer we literally feel exhausted . Our skin sufffers alot.

We always feel irritated during summer because its makes our skin dull . We often forget to hydrate ourselves. Hydration is very much important during summer.

So try to follow simple tips in this super hot summer such as -

  • Always hydrate yourself. Try to drink lots of water.

  • Also eat some juicy fruits during summer.

  • Avoid spicy foods.

  • Eat lots of nuts .

  • Use a sunscreen .

  • Always cover face while you are going outside.

  • Use a water based moistriture.

so on and so forth.

Inspite of doing all these steps , you need to be very careful. Go for a soothing facial. You will definetly realise the imparity. But we don't have time. That is the main problem. Don't worry . Today, I am going to share some intense prodigious face packs. So here it is

Mint and turmeric face pack

Take some turmeric powder and mint leaves. Take some boiled or cold water . Mix it and apply it to your face. Both ingredients work as a magic to your tanned skin.

Cucumber and curd

Both the ingredients are super amazing , super cool . It is a great facepack. It can also prevent acne and pimple as well.

Cucumber and sugar

Mix both the ingredients and keep it into the refrigerator . Let it be cool for sometime. Then apply it and get a even tone clear skin.

Lemon and honey facepack

Lemon is the best way to rejuvenate the skin . Nothing can be better than this. Use lemon and honey as facepack. It will smoothen your skin . It also moistritures your skin.

Egg and lemon mask

Take one egg white and add some lemon juice into it. Then apply it. Egg is loaded with nutrients . It helps you to tighten and brighten your skin.

Banana facepack

Mash one banana add some honey and lemon into it. Apply it . You will get the crystal clear glowing skin.

Tomato pulp facepack

If your skin is so much tanned then tomato pulp is the best option. Then wash it with cold water.

Rice flower and honey

Rice flower works as a great exfoliater. Take some rice flower add some honey into it. Then rub your skin. Wait for 10-15 minutes. Then wash it of with normal water.

Egg mask

Egg has skin tightening properties. Take one raw egg. Only take the white portion. Add some honey or essential oil into it. Apply this mixture oncein a week. You will clearly see the magic.

Multani powder and sandal wood powder

I think i don't need to say anything. This two things are just amazing. Take both the powders add some water into it. Then apply this mixture on your skin. For best results apply this mixture once in a week.

Sheet Mask

You can make your own sheet masks at home. Take some potato or cucumber juice. Then take a cotton ball dip it into the juice. Try to keep it overnight. Next morning apply the cotton balls on your skin. Trust me it will enhance your beauty like anything.

So try this simple facepacks at home. Get a glowing skin.