Emergence Of Netflix And Others For Entertainment

Avik Sarkar
Jun 22, 2019   •  27 views

Are you not aware of what Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar are? You certainly need to upgrade yourself and keep track of what is happening in the world at large. These are the digital platforms which have successfully gained popularity and fame amongst the youngsters. Commonly referred to as OTT (over the top) platforms. They have become potential competitors for the television industry and might soon outgrow it.

The reason behind them booming are:

Relatable content

The prime cause behind the popularity of OTT platforms among the youth is the content or the concept around which the entire filming revolves. The script is the backbone of any video be it a series or a short film, the authenticity of it is extremely important. The plots of the scripts deal with today's society which appeals to the audience. The family drama or the stories based on supernatural power that Indian television and Bollywood offers has brought in monotony. While the backdrop for each content on OTT being genuine and fresh attracts the audience and keeps them glued to it.

Beyond the reach of censorship

Television and Bollywood undergo the scrutiny of the censorship boards. It often fails to depict the much-required rawness of the scenes. While portraying a true story on the reel, a popular personality or a particular community or certain societal norms might get defamed. This, in turn, could hurt the sentiments. So, the scenes do not get approved and are scrapped from the final content. There is no such restriction for OTT platforms like YouTube, Netflix, etc. So, they have the liberty to upload the original content without alteration.

Avoids unnecessary stretching

The TRP reaches new heights when a serial on television collects appreciation from the audience. The scenes are either repeated or dragged, focus shifts from the original storyline, making it too unrealistic. The contents on the digital space are concise and precise free from unnecessary stretching.

Far more convenient

Once the content gets released on the digital platform the user can watch it at any odd hour as per convenience, one may binge-watch while lying on the bed or couch at home or just play the video while traveling or can also view during small breaks at work. One can pause and resume whenever and wherever one wishes to do so. This is certainly one of the biggest advantages that help the OTT platforms to standout.

When feeling low, just get hold of a good short film or series of your choice on any digital space they are best stress busters.


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