"A baby cradled in your arms, you taught her your gentle charms, growing up with you by my side and through the years you watch me grow and taught me everything I’d need to know. You’ve been there for me until god did take you back. Now you watch me from up above Shining down on me your heavenly love. " We all are blessed with grandparents, but fortunate are those who have been able to spent time with them. Being the youngest grandchild I had the complete privilege to spend a considerable segment of my childhood with my grandmother. At an over five feet tall with fairly long hair, I remember holding her hand and walking down the streets. Her hand had the magic of making me feel loved and secured at the same time. She had stories of different times and different land to express.

My grandmother was an independent woman who had the zeal to adapt to any situation. When I look back into my childhood all I can think and see is how my grandmother had played an important role in shaping my personality.

She had her own perspectives about life and was extremely happy to spread her knowledge amongst her four precious grandchildren .

Summer vacation was the time where she would want all of her children to be stay with her. For my grandmother we meant her the world. She always engrossed herself in every possible acitivity that a human being could do. She had never known the essence of rest. My grandmother’s morning usually began in the kitchen by cooking food for all of us. We four of us had our own strategies of having fun which indeed it was never accepted by my grandmother. Ever since a little girl I was always after my grandmother asking her innumerable questions to which she answered them with complete patience and calmness. She has always been my savior who protected me from being scolded by my parents for all the mischief’s that I create.

Being a self efficient and an independent woman she has always taught us to face and rise through every situation that life has kept in store for each one of us. Her unconditional and selfless love towards all of us is impeccable. I truly miss her. I was lucky to have spent my 19 years with her and all through this while she has only taught me lessons that have been and will be the lessons that I cherish for a life time. Albert Einstein has accurately said “You don’t really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.”