She was weeping behind the bridge of pain. Her thoughts about her broken home,made her nights bloom like brainless flower. She felt to die,even she had tried it twice.But failed in all of her attempts by God's grace.He was her solace,his sudden visit made her life chill in summer.When her heart breaks into bloodless wounds.He takes her in his bare tricking arms.Hiding her in his chest,tapping the head giving her a ray of smile. Just like his arrival, he vanishes into thin mist. She was unaware about his Departure.But whenever she gets hurt,He will be there at door,spreading a beautiful mesmerizing smile,plumping her cheeks with happiness. I often thinks,where is he going later I learned he had more commitments,there are only few who shut himself out of their lives,and it makes their life live like hell. He often visits me too. Whenever he goes,I really feels pain ,unlike her,I love him a lot.I just wanna make him stay in my life forever.But in deep of my heart,brain murmmured am not his special one.Am just one among his people.

I tried my hard to make me stay in my life,not for a second but for entire life time.
But it was impossible,he is a wanderlust.And his name is HOPE. Yep we need hope to drag our live.Hope for the best and prepare for the worst is the slogan of most people's life.

On every turns of the life, we should be optimistic. May be we are drawing in pool of darkness, still we should keep a hope

"Never give up " Right?So for that we should uplift our sorrow soul to enlightenment of hope.
Pessimistic will bring up darkness,where we only accept failure and pain,and thence our life becomes a huge burden and we feel like to die,we won't be able to see the happiness,that lurks in window.

Life Without hopes becomes so dark like moonless night. And toddling through darknessdrives us to end of depression. Life teach us different things,isn't it?

Whenever we falls from the heap of hopes, it seem helpless to raise and move again. Have you ever thought of a life without any ray of hopes!It will belike kids without toys😁

Hope is not always a helping hand but also ahurting friend.Our hopes does not get fulfilled always,it stinks often. Swallowing thesorrows ,it may cause you sick.

But keeping a hope on right things with determination, would make you live your life with dreams ☺✨