I’ve never had flawless skin and I probably never will, because most of the time the quality of the skin is dependent on genetics and diet, the first of which can't be changed unless they bring out this new gene modifying machine and it works on humans! Moreover, the latter is also challenging to come to terms with, especially if you've been eating that way your entire life. I mean I swear by 'Sunday ho ya Monday, Roz Khao ande' so it's difficult to go vegan or remove poultry from my diet.

Because of my enthusiasm for skincare, I’m always advertising the ones I use on my Instagram and more often, taking the time to try out new and acclaimed products on the market. After trying out scores of very widely known and loved products, I’ve come across five amazing ones to review and give you a rough idea about what I think of each one of them.

The first product that overwhelmed me with the results was the African Black Soap by Shea Moisture. The African Black soap, in general, has been top-rated amongst the beauty specialists because of the acne fighting properties. Because of the oantioxidants and vitamins present in the soap which is made out of the ash of locally harvested plants in Africa, the solvent is used to cure skin ailments, acne, prevent discoloration and also relieves dry and irritated skin.

Now it's been debated that the genuine magic cannot be found in soaps that are black and marketed through big companies; this is the category Shea moisture falls into. The authentic soap is usually dark brown and sold through local markets, although you can find tubs of it on Amazon.

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The Shea Moisture one did work for me and cleared my face also making it brighter in the process, although this soap is not for people with dry or sensitive skin. Even for people with oily skin, moisturizing is essential. The soap that I used lasted for about four to five months, which is extremely good for its price.

The second product that was emphasized a lot during my research on various social media platforms was Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner of the Rose variety. This bottle, with its signature Redcap, is a bit pricey online but will last for about six or seven months if you use it regularly.

Although the Rose version was hyped up pretty much online, the Lavender one worked better for my skin. The witch hazel usually soothes the skin if you have irritated and blemished skin, and your skin does feel super smooth because it also tightens pores. It, however, doesn't do much for acne, so I switched to the Body Shop Tea Tree toner. You can find it easily on Amazon. If you have dry and sensitive skin, this one is for you. It does not have alcohol, so it does not dry out your face and works naturally on improving your skin.

The third product which I love using is the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. In all honesty, walnut that is used in these scrubs and all walnut using scrubs, in particular, are in the long run dangerous to your skin because it causes microbial tears. The St. Ives scrub has worked so well for me, but I advise you to try out their grapefruit scrub or a milder one like the Oatmeal one, both of which would be perfect for sensitive skin.

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For masks, I would recommend two-the Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask and the Freeman range of masks of which I've tried the charcoal and black sugar mask. The first is a top-rated product which has several reviews on YouTube as well as online forums, and the second is a brand that is extensively known for their masks. Both of these masks are infused with acne fighting properties and are most suited to clear sebum. The Freeman mask works best as a skin brightening mask while the second works as a means of controlling shine and oil production by the skin.

I haven't yet found a moisturizer that is well suited for my skin and moisturizers tend to be expensive as well as have lesser quantity as compared to other products. The closest I've come to like a moisturizer is the Vitamin E gel-based moisturizer, but the product is very less in comparison to the price, and I have a big face, so it runs out in a month. Jokes apart, it does run out soon so if you want a product that is cost effective, this is not the one to choose.

So these are my favorites from the products that I've tried and needless to say, my skin has improved quite a bit. Skin care is an essential process and to start it in your early years is a must; therefore if anyone wants to splurge, I urge you to buy the above products as a start.



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