"Success is walking from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." A great quote by Winston Churchill. It is rightly said that success comes to only those who are too busy searching for it. Success is a word in general, but for the ones working day and night hard to achieve it, it is way more than a word. Everyone has a different definition of success in their lives. Everyone has a different road to success. That road may be decided by the people themselves or any other person influencing their lives. In today's world, we see so many people running after success. Even some of them are ready to use unfair means to gain success in their respective fields. But they don't know the worth of the success gained by sole hard work.

Be it a student in college or an employee working in a company, the main aim of every individual is to achieve success. For a student, getting good grades may make him or her a successful student whereas for an employee, achieving the targets in time may get him or her the tag of a successful employee. But one must remember that with success comes difficulties. These difficulties may be in the form of distractions stopping one from his work, or in the form of people who don't want one to be successful. In order to achieve success, you have to overcome these obstacles in your path. While the world may take one's success normally, but only the one who has made a lot of sacrifices and who has compromised a lot, knows what it takes to reach the pinnacle.

For instance, if we talk about students, there are way too many things that act as hindrances in their path and can easily deviate them from the road to success. These distractions may be in the form of substance abuse or any sort of wrong addiction. These fantasies may look good at first glance, but they have the capability to ruin their entire lives without them knowing. The students who do not come into the pressure of their peer groups and stay away from such lustrous things often have a higher percentage of achieving success in their lives.

Similarly, an employee in a company faces similar situations at a personal level. These were only two of the many examples that we have in today's world. Many of us, in the name of enjoyment, begin these experiences not knowing the side effects and regret later. Enjoyment has a separate part but we should not sacrifice our life goals in the sake of enjoyment. Success is a small word but has the capability of changing lives.

Success demands hard work, consistency, perseverance, and determination. A person with the above qualities often is ahead of his peers in the race for success, it may be that he gets it later or sooner but he gets it for sure. You may have to go through several hardships but in the end, you feel great as all your hard work pays you rewards. In our life, we come across many people who demotivate us and bound limitations for us. But the one who refuses to stop is the one who completes his journey and reaches his destination.

Time is an asset which on can not afford to waste because each minute wasted by us is utilized by someone else to reach a step ahead to success. Therefore, we should use every bit of our life in making it the best and inspiring for others. At last, I would like to say, some people dream of success ad others work for it. So keep working and hope for the best.



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