1. When in doubt, always go for white shirt/Tshirt and blue jeans.

2. Groom yourself. Cut your nails, have a beard, trimmed and maintained.

3. Your shoes and belt should match.

4. Do not wear three fourth pants. Go for shorts.

5. Chinese or Henley collars shirts/Tees should not be tucked in.

6. Always dress for occasion/place.

7. Do not wear white socks.

8. Do not wear too tight clothing.

9. Get your clothes adjusted once a year as per your size.

10. Never wear a bad fitting dress.

11. Wear plain tees. Say No to Graphics.

12. Buy less but spend more on few pieces of clothing.

13. Do not wear sports shoes everywhere. Buy sneakers or loafers.

14. Wear a watch, definitely adds on to overall looks.

15. Always wear a cologne for your body odor.

16. Have a leather wallet.

17. Buy a decent leather jacket(especially for bike riders).

18. Keep it simple. Don't go for flashy stuff.

19. Wear a black(or white) shirt to a party.

20. Always wear ironed clothes.

Be classy.