Photo albums and videos are like a box of chocolate, if you open it you cannot resist without having them.

We are super busy in our lives now, all sorts of tension running down our heads and all we want is to go back to " our simple times".

But if time could at all wait, then what could have possibly been better than that?

But there are certain things, which may not give us that time back but are like a time travel making us relive all those memorable moments.

The videos of our childhood and the photo album is something we cherish and is more worthy than even the gold could be.

It's like our whole childhood is summed up in them.

Seeing ourselves, when we used to be a child, not caring how we looked, living the life like no one else, the only worry is to complete the homework, not having to select specific clothes for every single occasion, playing with friends in the park and so many more, makes us realize how happy we were, to be simple, to care lesser on how we look and more on how we spend the day.

Do you know what is the best part? Having to watch our parents childhood and making our younger siblings watch ours.

Over time, things have changed.

Where our fathers and mothers did not use to have phones and all they could do the whole day is play in the street with their friends and help their mothers in the household chores.

When I hear my mom telling, how happy she used to be in her childhood, how all her cousins used to stay in one house for a month in summer vacations and use to play all day and night, how mobile phones luckily weren't there to confine them to themselves and how systematic everything used to be in their lives, I honestly envy her. How I wish I still had all those.

The future hasn't come yet, the past is gone, the present is all that we have to live, rest all either becomes a dream or a memory.

Once you start reliving the past sweet memories, they all slowly and steadily start flashing in your mind and keeps you at peace for days.

It is like you get to meet your childhood and there is possibly nothing more relaxing than that.