Managing Distance Is Difficult But Ain't Impossible

Ashima Garg
Jul 05, 2019   •  23 views

Today's generation is fast, they fall in love as quickly as they break up.

While for some, it is still a serious bond which they wish to continue till eternity, for some, it is just another fling.

Like any other situation, relationships also face hurdles. And by relationship, I do not only mean A girl and a boy in love but two friends, a child and a mother, a brother-sister duo and so many more.

One of the many hurdles that come our way is when the two people have to live far away from each other for months or even years.

Initially, it seems okay, but as time passes by, problems occur.

Since the mode of communication is a mobile phone, a misunderstanding occurs, so much so, that sometimes they result in leaving deep scars.

When we chat, sometimes the real meaning isn't reflected well and that results in issues.

Not having to meet for a long time also creates trust issues.

Ego boasts up and both of them thinks the other one should message first.

I'd like to ask, what would happen if you message first as long as you know the other person wants to talk too?

Speaking of my personal experience, I am in college right now and I don't get to meet my school friends much. But we manage to meet somehow whenever I come back to my hometown. To some of them, I talk regularly but to some, I get to have a conversation only at the time we meet. But, whenever I meet them it's always like I never left. Because that's how it is when you have a strong bond. Distance doesn't matter.

I am not saying distance doesn't bring problems, it does.

There are so many times I wish to see them and wanna talk, but everyone is busy in their lives and at times I can't talk to them, but it is upon us how we deal with the problems and take out a way.

I know they aren't gonna leave because I trust them. Trust is very important in any relationship. If you lose that, it's like driving a car with 2 tiers.

It's all about efforts if the two people make constant efforts, distance cannot harm them. Both have to be understanding, caring, need to take out time for each other and to listen to one another.

Breaking the bond is very easy, but to keep it intact is what is difficult.

Problems come in every relationship, it is upon us how we manage to survive.



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