With the scorching heat giving us a tough time, there comes the first rain. Well, it isn't just rain, it's a mark of happiness. For a farmer, whose crops have been dying due to heat gets nurtured again and giving the farmer a sense of positivity.

For people living in desert regions, they wish for rain all the time so as to escape the scorching heat. Rainfall for them is like Diwali for Hindus.

The peacock dances opening its feathers and give a beautiful glimpse to watch.

In fact, for all of us, it is a great relief. The heat we all have been surviving for long gets a bit better and the air feels cool.

While some of us enjoy the rain eating pakoras and enjoying tea, some of us like to dance in the rain.

The sweet smell of the soil proves to be a pleasure for many.

I personally feel it is like a festival. It brings happiness, joy, and excitement.

But every coin has two sides. Though the rains bring along a lot of happiness there are certain problems that come along too.

The traffic jam increases making you late for work or to go back home.

Slippery roads can make bikes or cars skid which can prove to be quite dangerous.

The first rain comes with a series of people catching a cold.

The potholes that are created on the roads create a big nuisance.

There are chances of a flood which can cause a lot of destruction.

On the contrary, rainwater harvesting helps in water storage.

The dry leaves gets rehydrated and become lively once again.

The dust and dirt get washed away resulting in the fresh air.

Plants and trees quenches their thirst.

The crops grow efficiently.

All in all, there are certain disadvantages of rain but it is a very important season, as important as any other. It is a happy season, the wet soil smell brings so much of freshness, the coolness we feel near wet bushes makes us so happy, the kids dancing in the rain is am amazing view, all in all it makes everyone happy. Paper boats swimming in rain water, pakoras and tea party in many houses, it is no less than a celebration.

The rain marks the soon arrival of winters and end of summer season thus making summer people sad and winter people all happy and glowy.