Colour Trends For Summer 2019.

Arunima Jha
Jul 17, 2019   •  5 views

With the summers here, you finally get to wear all your cute floral prints, pretty sundresses, and all those perfect bright colours which you had been missing out on throughout the winters.

Now how to exactly know which of these colours go best with the fresh fashion trends. This article will tell you the latest colour trends of Summer 2019 as per the runaways held this summer.

Living Corals

Coral shades are extensively used in the spring-summer season, and this particular shade of coral, which falls perfectly between pink and orange with more of a golden undertone is an absolutely stellar choice for casual wears this summer. It can easily be called one of the most seasonally appropriate shades of the year.


Toffee doesn’t really give a summer effect if you look at it, but this classic and delectable shade is doing big this year. Despite having more of an autumnal look, Toffee’s sophisticated charm can’t be denied. Especially with the fact that how well it complements every skin tone.


Now the first colour that comes to your mind the moment you hear the word summers is yellow. And shades of yellow have been an extremely popular summer staple for so long now. Some of its popular shades for Summer 2019 would be -

Aspen Gold – This lovely hue, with its slight golden undertone, gives an illuminating effect to your entire outfit, just like the sun rays and is perfect for a gorgeous day time look. And most importantly, it could go flawlessly with pastel and coral shades. This bright and delectable colour would be a treat to look at this summer.

Lemon Verbena – From the name itself one can feel the softness and cheerfulness of the colour. It is an even softer version of Aspen gold with the mildest of the glows to it. How can you possibly not want to wear this delicious colour all the time out there?

Turmeric – This intense shade of yellow with the slight splash of orange is pretty hard to miss. It does complete justice to its name as by spicing up your look and has easily become one of the most popular fashion trends of Spring Summer 2019.

Sweet Lilac

Everyone knows sorbet shades of pastel have long been a summer favourite. But this year, this soft hue of pink and lilac mixed together has become so popular in the 2019 runaways. This gentle, mellow pastel shade is having a big moment this summer and seems like the current favourite shade of Chanel runaways this year.

Summer is the time to indulge in all the bright colours and prints. Dress yourself in the lovliest and the trendiest shades this season.