Fortune telling is the forecast of future events by different methods which is generally not considered to have a rational basis. According to the evidences, this art was practiced in ancient China, Egypt, Babylonia 4000 years ago but now has widely spread. There are many methods of fortune telling followed all across the world. Some of them are:

1. Astrology- It is done based on the movements of celestial bodies.

2. Numerology- It is done based on numbers.

3.Graphology- It is done based on a person's handwriting.

4. Physiognomy- It is done by reading a person's face.

5. Phrenology- It is done by measuring the size of the skull.

6. Palmistry- It is done by reading the lines of hands.

7. Tasseography- It is done by reading tea leaves in a cup.

8. Cartomancy- It is done by cards.

9. Crystallomancy- It is done by reading of a crystal sphere.

10. Spirit Board Reading.

11. Augury- It is done by the flight of birds.

12. Chronomancy- It is done by determination of lucky and unlucky days.

Above mentioned are the different methods, though some may sound really weird and lame but they do exist and were practiced at some point of time. Now let us see what are the different views of different religions and science associated with this art:

1. According to Christianity

The Bible condemns this art because these practices are based on the facts that god, spirits, deceased ones can give advice to us and the Bible gives us no reason to believe that the ones who are no more can contact us. It further says that if our loved ones can not contact us then how come some fortune teller can.

2. According to Buddhism

However, Buddhism does not repudiate belief in spirits, astrology, and fortune telling but Buddha always advised that one should not be a slave to these forces and should not believe it blindly. Everyone must overcome their abilities through hard work and determination. Although some Buddhists still have stern believe in this art.

3. According to Islam

According to Islamic Law, the practice of astrology is (Haraam) forbidden. Not only this but visiting an astrologer, hearing his predictions, buying books is all considered the same. It is said that the daily prayers of those who visit fortune tellers will not be accepted for a duration of forty days and nights.

Critical analysis

The art of fortune telling is criticized among the scientific communities because it is based more on magical thinking and superstition. It is a mere brazen announcement of the inevitable. It is criticized also because many cases of fraud have also been reported in the name of this very art.


Well, it is always best to believe in oneself than others because it is you who knows your skills and capabilities the best. So instead of wasting your time on this art, invest the same time to work for your future and the returns will surely be fruitful.