Spectacular Tree Houses Across The World

Arpita Shukla
Apr 30, 2019   •  1 view

A tree house is a place where you get to live on a treetop like a bird. It is constructed on the trunk or branches of trees. Being on a tree for a day or two will keep you so close to nature that you will want to live here for your lifetime. Here is a list of some amazing tree houses to explore around the world:

1.Teahouse, Tetsu

It is located in Japan and was built by a Japanese Architect. The beauty of this place will leave your jaws dropped. It is situated in the midst of cherry blossoms. The scenic beauty of this place makes it look more like a fairyland. It is built so sturdily that it can resist storms and earthquakes as well. The inside view of this tree house is simple but the outside beauty will definitely force you to stay for long.

2. Alessandria Treehouse

It is situated in Italy. The rooms here are so well built and furnished that they will give you the experience of a five-star hotel. It is definitely a good place for wine lovers because here you can also visit s wine cellar which is from the 19th century and is famous for top quality wines. It is also known for nature walks and you have free Wi-Fi access at this place.

3. Free spirit sphere

Situated in Canada in the coastal rainforest of Vancouver Island. The best part of this tree house is that here you can get the feel of swings as this tree house is not permanently fixed. It keeps swinging like a cradle and you will doze off easily like a little baby.

4. Silky Oaks Lodge

This tree house is situated in Queensland, Australia. Here you get to have meals in the restaurant with an amazing view of the river. As it is situated in the tropical rainforest, the natural beauty, and dense forest gives it a sheen appearance. One can also play tennis and enjoy the spa as well as swim across in the outdoor pool. The rooms here are well furnished and air-conditioned.

5. Treehotel

Situated in Sweden with different themes of tree house rooms. The best-themed room here is UFO-themed room. This tree house is located on tall pines forests. The Lule River adds to its spectacular view. Another amazing thing here is mirrorcube, this is an exciting hideout. The other tree houses are having themes based on birds nest, Dragonfly and blue cone.

6. Lion Sandsa Resort

What if you go to a place with no electricity and internet connection. It won't be dire at all as the amazing view will let you forget all. It is situated in the middle of African Bush in Africa. This place is so quiet and serene and is a perfect destination for a romantic night.


Spending time in a tree house can be one of the most adventurous experiences of human life and of course, a literal change of air from one's day to day swamped lives. So be sure to explore these tree houses if you are a true nature lover.