A plant which has almost uncountable uses and benefits and is being used from 1000 years due to its huge prominence. Yes, one such plant exists and that is "Aloe vera". The Egyptians have termed it as "plant of immortality" and it is also called "wonder plant". It is known as wonder plant because of its uncountable benefits and uses to the humans and animals.

It has been the subject of studies from last many years regarding its therapeutic properties. Its origin has been found in Arabian Peninsula and is now being widely used all over the World .The four major fields where it is used immensely are:

1. Food

2. Cosmetics

3. Food supplements

4. Herbal remedies

Now let us see in detail how this plant can help you in different ways:

1. For skin

- Keeps your skin moisturized.

- Prevents premature signs of aging

-Reduces stretch marks.

-Helps in case of sunburns.

-Reduces pimples, acne, and blemishes.

2. For hair

- For conditioning hair, various aloe vera conditioners are available in the market and it can be used directly at home too.

-Maintains pH of the scalp.

-Reduces dandruff up to a great extent.

-Promotes hair growth and gives shine to your hair.

3. For health



-Genital herpes

-Oral fibrosis


-Weight loss

Though it has huge health benefits but must be consumed in a moderate amount only with proper guidance.

Side effects of Aloe Vera

1.Kidney problems

A person suffering from kidney problems should not consume this as it will make the case worse.

2. Surgery

If you are about to have a surgery, then be sure that you avoid taking it at least 2 weeks before the scheduled date.

3. Intestinal conditions

Aloe latex is bowel irritant. So if one is having any intestinal issues, then it must be avoided.

4. Diabetes:

In the case of diabetes, it should be taken in moderate amount only because it lowers blood sugar level.

5. Pregnancy:

Aloe vera can sometimes lead to miscarriage or birth defects. So it should not be consumed directly in huge amounts.


This wonder plant can really bring wonders to your life. It can be planted at your place in a small pot without many efforts and it will surely give you splendid returns.