An island is a small piece of land surrounded by water from all sides. It is also known as Isle. Islands have always been the first preference of travel freak people. Here is a list of islands which are a must-visit not only because of its scenic beauty but also because they have other amazing places around them to explore as well:


The scenery and architecture provide this island with a spectacular view. This place has been described as one open-air museum. It also offers spa and varied options for sports. Rock climbing and gentle rambling are also famous at this place.

2. Kauai, Hawaii

This island is situated in Central Pacific surrounded by tropical rainforest. It is also known as 'Garden Isle'. This place has been a Hollywood destination for several movies because of its jaw-dropping beauty. The waterfalls and emerald valleys will add another pleasure to your eyes. The east side of this island is surrounded by coconut trees and it is also known for hiking.

3. Seychelles

This island is situated in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar. It has a total of 42 islands known as Granitic Seychelles. It is known for being one of the best scuba diving destinations. It also has different dive sites both for beginners and experienced. Another specialty of this island is the giant tortoises present here.

4. Sicily Island

It is located in Louisiana, Italy. This is the largest island in the Mediterranean sea. It is known for seducing travelers to itself because of its scenic beauty. It is also called one of the street food capitals of the world. Places to explore here are:

-Valley of the temple

-Cappella Palatina

-Villa Ramana del Casale

-Stromboli Crater

It also has a dazzling diversity of landscapes.

5. Whitsundays, Australia

The great barrier reef is the largest living coral reef. Situated in the heart of this reef is a collection of 74 islands. One can also see Australia's oldest archaeological sites on the east coast. The places to explore on this island are:

-Hook Island

-Lindeman Island

-Whitehaven beach

-Daydream Island

6. Key West

It is an island city situated in Florida. This beautiful island is 4 miles long. The best time to visit this place is from October to July. It is famous for museums and leisure activities. The places to visit here include:

-Key west butterfly and Nature Conservatory.

-Key West wildlife centre.

-Long key state park.


The above-mentioned islands will for sure give you wonderful memories, so make sure to visit them once.