Perfume! As soon as we come across this word, our mind is occupied by an enchanting and mesmerizing smell. Now we need to know what exactly a perfume is. It can be defined as a mixture of essential oils, compounds which have the aroma and some solvents.

The sole purpose behind the existence of this very thing is that it gives a really charismatic smell not only to the human body but also to food, objects, animals and our living spaces too.

History of Perfume

The art of making perfumes is known as perfumery. This began in ancient Egypt, China, and Mesopotamia and was later on refined by the Romans and Arabs. If we talk about our own country then according to history the whereabouts of Perfume comes from the Indus civilization which existed from 3300 BC to 1300 BC. It is also said that scents were discovered in Arabia and this place is still known as the "Land of perfumes".

Now if we talk about the date then the earliest record of perfumes being made, is in 2000 BC in Egypt. Here perfume was believed to be sacred as they said it is the sweat of god. So the very first use of perfumes was made for sacred purposes.

During the old kingdom, it was used only for religious purposes. There came a time when the fragrance of perfume started spreading all around and Greece, Romans, Islamic countries were all into the use of it.

In Japan, perfumery was introduced by the Chinese people in AD 500. The main ingredients used at that time were cloves, nutmeg, fennel, sandalwood, and agarwood. The story of perfumes also has its origin in the story of Alexander, the great and Cleopatra as well.

History also mentions that perfumes, when came into discovery, were used at different places for various purposes. In Mecca, it was used for the mosques. The mosques were all perfumed up to such an extent that from a distance itself it had the ability to attract people.

Perfumes, after being spread through many countries, also had a downfall around the seventeenth century. It is said that the spread of Christianity was the most prominent reason in the decline of the perfumes. It gained fame again when the Roman empire had its fall and since then, commenced the spread of this magical thing worldwide.

The eighteenth-century brought about remarkable amends to the perfume industry. As of then, different flowers, lemon, and some other fragmented leaves were being used for the preparation of these. Perfumes were then available in a variety of containers. Glass containers became the most popular ones when Baccarat Factory was started in France in 1756.

In the nineteenth century, perfumes and chemistry went hand in hand. By this time, perfume became an item of luxury.


The perfume industry has made remarkable amendments and is still flourishing. It has now become an emerging career option for youth. As of now perfumes come in literally thousands of brands and fragrances with varied beautiful containers adding to its beauty.



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