7 Useful Lessons From Wolf Of Wall Street

Armaan Chawla
Jul 02, 2019   •  17 views

1) Have a goal

Work until your bank account looks like a phone number.

Have a place where you want to be in the future and let every decision you make guide you towards it. For Belfort, this was to be rich but the goal itself is inconsequential, it is important to have one and be willing to do anything to achieve it.

2) Specialize

Stratton Oakmont, Belfort’s Stock Broking Company, had a niche, which was selling penny stocks. Instead of trying to sell all kinds of blue-collar stocks like other brokerage firms, they stuck to their strategy and worked on improving it, eventually leading into their massive success. This shows us the importance of knowing what you’re good at and sticking to it.

3) Don’t be pressurized by time

One of the most infamous scenes of Wolf of Wall Street is when Jordan persuades a customer to buy his stock by pressurizing him with time. Learn from this and don’t be fooled. If you have a bad feeling, its often best to follow it instead of being coerced into a bad deal.

4)Loyalty and keeping it

“The idea of Stratton is that when you come here and step into the boardroom for the first time, you start your life anew. The very moment you walk through the door and pledge your loyalty to the firm, you become part of the family, and you become a Strattonite.”

Belfort showcases the importance of having your employees on your side. The entire film is littered with moments of his workers showing their blind loyalty towards their boss and how this positively impacts their work culture. Belfort also shows us how to build his employees trust and loyalty. By keeping them happy and most importantly. Rich.

5) Dress for where you want to be, not where you are

Jordan wants all his employees to dress in well-tailored suits to look sharp and the reason is simple.Dressing well not only induces professionalism but also improves self-esteem. When you dress well, you automatically feel more confident and start holding yourself to higher standards, leading to better work.

6) Learn to Sell Yourself

Whether it be his cocky attitude, fancy suits or happy go lucky lifestyle, it is undeniable that Jordan had charisma and knew how to sell himself to other people. Learn what others see in you and change that to what others want to see in you.

7) Study and learn from past events and mistakes

“I’m a student of history, Roland, and I’m a firm believer that he who doesn’t study the mistakes of the past is doomed to repeat them”.

Never be too pompous or stubborn to admit when you’ve made a mistake and learn from it, and even better learn from others’. Never let a bad thing that happened to someone else happen to you