In the 21st century internet has become one of the most essential part of civilization. Without internet we cannot imagine a day of our life, if we take the bold decision of imagine a whole day without internet it will be really a tough one. Like every medicine internet also possessed its many merits and demerits as well. Although it depends on the the users how they will make full use of it. Having said that we cannot deny the fact that internet has such a qualities to attract it's users towards certain unnecessary things. In this article I am trying to give a both site analysis of internet's merits and demerits.

Like the other gifts of science internet able to make our life so simple and effortless. Buy the right use of it a man can gather knowledge and also same time can express their talent through it. Before internet there were hardly any opportunity for the people who live in the native places to know what actually happening at the present time but after internet now the whole world is well known for us or you can say updated second by second. It connects the whole world or even the the galaxy.

Specially for the students internet is really helpful. A student can use it as his guide book or it become a teacher. With the addition of such apps like Unacademy, Byju's and so on provides the students the opportunity to learn and learn so easily. As a student the privilege of having internet is really a great opportunity to know certain things which ware beyond our reach. Those need students who were unable to purchase books they can also learn the things through internet.

"Talent needs opportunity" and internet able to provide opportunities to those who were searching for a platform to show cage their talent. In the past we just known about those persons whom we watched on television or newspaper but now a you tuber is also getting the same recognition as a TV artist . Even sometime road artist or a singer from a railway station get overnight recognition throughout the world. That one impression on internet can change their fortune.

The access of internet now spread throughout the world. At the earliest it was for the urban people but now it is available to those who lives in such a place which is not even visible in the geographical map of their nation. For them it was really hard job to be able to link up with the rest of the world. Now they have the privilege to communicate with anyone in anywhere of the world or even they can send their message to those who were beyond their reach.

The addition of social media is a remarkable achievement in the modern science. Social media not only connect the world but also bring out someone from their loneliness. We can upload our achievements, we can share our state of mind, we can know about the others. It bring the whole civilization into our pocket.

In terms of entertainment internet is not far behind. It gives us the privilege to entertain ourselves in any situation with the appropriate entertainer as per our choice. Not only entertainment internet has a great impact on the mix of various culture. As a Indian if someone wish to learn the Spanish the internet can teach or even for Bangladeshi if they want to enjoy a Japanese song they can. Internet it is a medium through which we are able to create a world culture which is not bound to any border.

"Every action has its equal and opposite reaction" that law of Newton is also appropriate in terms of internet. Having all those good qualities internet also possess some demerits. As I mentioned that it depend on it's user but still internet can propagated the interest of it's user. For a student when internet gives opportunity to learn and at the same time it provides a great chance to distract their mind from study. W e find mostly the source of entertainment in it rather than a source of knowledge. As a kid of 19th century we were very accustom to play on the ground with friends but the next generation or the present generation are totally detach from ground. When our parents were tired of by pulling ourselves into the room where as the present parents always pulling their children to go outside. The kids of 21st century things that the virtual world is more beautiful than the real. For that reason the level of sporting spirit among the present kids getting down so quickly. They don't know how to adjust with the others because they can set up there virtual partner as per their wish.

Because of having a great access to know about many facts and figures it always puts an extra pressure on our shoulder to improve our social status. What we upload on social media are those really the reflection of yourself? The answer is no, to achieve a high social status or to show up the others we fabricated our information and to look presentable we edit our photos. In the world of social networking site we lost our identity and that identity transform into filter images. Just to satisfy our ego or to win a battle of Facebook like we put extra effort to destroy self identity and create an image which is on trend right now. Sometime we started to judge our self with the amount of likes we get on Facebook. When ever we says that social media is connected ourself with the world we are suppressing a truth that it's creating a distance from our close ones. When we love to you talk with the others at that time we are continuously increasing a distance with such a normal day to day habits.

Every gift of science rather the most of the gifts of science are against the nature. Internet is not different from it. As the day progress our demand of having more speed of internet is increasing. For that reason the nature is highly affected.

To conclude, we have to leave a journey of life with internet but not the journey of internet with life.



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