The Creator We All Know , A Woman!

Anurag Mallick
Feb 03, 2019   •  28 views


How special are these human beings belonging to a gender of the human race?

Words alone aren't enough to express how special , how important and how valuable this gender of human race is.

They say , There is a super natural power sitting right up there who is the creator of the mankind. We often address that super natural power as GOD.

Talking about God , there's always a question that has been unanswered. "Have you seen GOD?"
"Have you seen the CREATOR?"

Some say Yes , Some say No.
Some say WOMEN!. Yes , You read it right!
WOMEN. A woman is also known as a Creator. A Woman is actually the Creator we all know. We all see. We all live with. We laugh , We smile , We cry , We grow and most importantly , We LEARN.

As human beings , the learning process and the life cycle begin at the same time. They begin when we enter this place called "The World."

Who better than the Creator can bring us into the World. A woman has the supernatural and well the biological ability to bring a new human into this world. She is given the power to make us what we are. Why do you think she is THE CREATOR?

It is only because of a woman that we human beings have the opportunity to live. To exist. To experience something which is no less than a roller coaster ride known as , "LIFE".

We often wish to give gifts to our loved ones. We think a lot and then decide on something materialistic. Once we gift , we do expect something in return.

Every human being has expectations at the beginning. It either fades away with experience or stays for a life time.

But there's one person who doesn't expect. She is again THE CREATOR , THE MOTHER. A mother is one of the many roles that a woman has to play in a lifetime. A role in reality. The most important one besides being A daughter , A sister and A wife.

A mother gifts us something which nobody can gift. She gifts us LIFE.

The bond that a mother and a child have is something that cannot be felt by anyone else. It's something next to Unbelievable. It is UNBELIEVABLE.

When we talk about everything The Creator has done , The multiple roles and responsibilities A Creator or A woman has played with utmost ease and a smile , the most important thing we forget to give her back is RESPECT.

When a woman doesn't get the respect she deserves , there's a question that needs to be answered. OUR EXISTENCE.

That is the bottom line of everything. Why are we existing ? Why are we existing when we don't respect the one who has Created us?

Let's leave this question here. Let's leave it to us. We need to answer. We need to respect The CREATOR , The human form of something supernatural , A WOMAN.