Smaller The Age , Better They Play.

Anurag Mallick
Feb 05, 2019   •  3 views

Let me begin the proceedings by asking a few questions.

When does an individual start playing a sport? When does an individual learn about a sport? When does an individual show interest in playing a sport?

These questions are generally asked every now and then , very often.

The answers are something we would be talking about.

When a sport is been introduced to an individual , it's something completely new. Something which one has never experienced before.

Everything that has brought an individual here to this point where one wants to learn , know and play a particular sport is their Interest towards the sport.

The amount of love , respect and dedication one has towards the sport. That is what has brought an individual here. That is what has made an individual believe that he belongs here.

These factors keep an individual going. These factors make an individual , A Sportsman!

Now moving on to the questions above which need to be answered. Every sportsman's Journey begins at the phase of Childhood.

It is when an individual is small and is a child they learn about the sport. Learning includes playing. Learning includes failing and again trying. Trying until you master the sport. Trying until you are termed as "The Best!"

Although there's no specific age for an individual to learn , to play , The Childhood is the initial stage of a sportsman's Journey. A journey which includes many ups and downs , Success and failure and most importantly , Learning and Experience.

Talking about one such sport which is very popular in India and all over the world is Cricket.

Talking about Cricket and learning , It is such a sport which gives a sportsman world-class exposure at a very young age.

When a cricketer turns 13 , He is given exposure to professional Cricket. That is the stage when the professional level begins. There is no turning back from there on.

From the age of 13 to when a Cricketer ages between 17-19 , He reaches the international level of the game. Events such as The U-19 World Cup gives exposure to the Young generation. Imagine a 17 year old playing cricket for his nation at an international level. How exciting is it?

Coming on to the U-19 World Cup , India has been a dominant nation in that respective event of the sport. It has won the U-19 World Cup on 4 different occasions.( 2000 , 2008 , 2012 , 2018 ).

This is the most number of times a nation has won The U-19 World Cup (4).

The Captains that have led the Indian Team to The U-19 World Cup Triumphs are Mohammed Kaif (2000) , Virat Kohli (2008) , Unmukht Chand (2012) and Prithvi Shaw (2018).