Nero's Guests - A Farmer's Struggle

Anurag Mallick
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Nero's Guests , A documentary by Deepa Bhatia and covered by P.Sainath , The rural affairs editor of The Hindu talks about the struggle of a farmer and their battle with struggle and death , mainly in the region of vidharba which is considered as the "Heart of Maharashtra's economy."

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More than 60% of India's population depends on agriculture as their means of income. Although , Farmer's aren't being treated for the work they're doing since ages and for years to come.

Back in the 90's , where the frequency of a farmer committing suicide was very low and was once in a week all over the state , In the 2000's the frequency increased to one suicide a day. That is how helpless farmers in this country are.

Mr Sainath has exceptionally talked about the possibility of a farmer committing a suicide and also about their justice they deserve.

In this country of 132 billion people , more than 60% depend on agriculture. Where the rich are provided with more and more and the poor are merely provided with anything.

Some of the cases mentioned in the documentary where in a women was not recognized as a farmer for the fact that she was a woman and only men can be farmers.

Another such case was that of Mr. Krishna Kalamb where in he was not only a farmer but also a fantastic poet. His poems were mainly about the struggle of a farmer and the love and respect towards their profession.

Farmers in this country merely have memories with their family. Where they have no memory of them without work.

This documentary also takes a dig on the media as most of the media organizations cover events related to entertainment and the civilized community. The poor had merely been known by the people of this country inspite of their duty of feeding the whole country. There service goes unnoticed by all means.

The documentary also put front the irony where in a farmer was not even getting a loan of 8000/- and a urban middle class man gets offers to purchase Mercedes Benz at the rate of 6%.

At the end this documentary talks about how being a farmer is considered a sin and being born as a European cow is better than that.

P.Sainath brilliantly carries the documentary by his shoulders with his extraordinary communication skills and the art of questioning as well as statistics.

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