Budget 2019 - "The Modi Master Stroke"

Anurag Mallick
Feb 05, 2019   •  2 views

It's 2019. We're living in the modern era. Gone are the times when everything took time to happen.

The 21st Century has changed the landscape of everything. Things are not as they were back in the 90's or before that.

With time passing by , changed the process. Process of everything that would affect the landscape of the country. May it be poverty , illetracy , women empowerment and so on.

Ever since the nation got independence back in 1947 , the country had a system of it's own. A system on which the country was running on. The system on which the people lived and followed inorder to develop with time.

The most important part of the system was the face or the person running the system. India's constitution runs on Elections , which happens once in five years in our country. The election decides the face that runs the system.

The people decide the face that runs the system.

It was in 2014 when India decided to change. When the people of India decided for a change. A change that would entirely shape the landscape of the country's future.

The decision of electing a new face , A New Prime Minister was taken in the 2014 General Elections. Narendra Modi was elected as the Prime Minister of India as the NDA government came into power with a clear majority of 282 seats out of the 521 seats.

The Modi government had promised us "Ache Din"( Good days ). It's the same time again. The General Elections are around the corner and something had to be done to gain the attention of the people. To win the trust of the people.

Inorder to do this , The Modi Government had it's hidden weapon in it's artery. A masterpiece at the right time which would only strengthen the grip of the ruling party.

It was the 2019-20 Union budget that had been announced.

Keeping the elections in mind , The Modi Government had a few things that they had to change.

The farmer loans , Income Tax , Employee Provident Fund , The GST relief , The Gratuity limit , House Purchase and so on.

With the General Elections fast approaching , This Union Budget is considered as the master stroke that has been played by the Prime Minister , Narendra Modi.

There's only one motive behind The Budget. The happiness and the development of the backward part of the society. This Union budget has covered the Backward part , mainly The Farmers very well.

The Union Budget will be enforced from 1st of April later this year.