Where Words Can't Speak , It Will..

Anu Johnson
May 15, 2019   •  47 views

Sometimes we will not be able to express our feelings and concerns through words. Where words can’t speak, tears definitely will. Often we get hurt by people and feel sad. The first and foremost reason for tears in our eyes is our sadness. Tears reflect from our heart, it is like a mirror. Often when we can’t express our emotions, tears keep flowing from our eyes. It happens in two cases when we are sad and whenever we become extremely happy that tears keep overflowing. In either of the two cases we express the feeling of our heart. Tears flow from the tear glands. It is a bodily effect that happens due to secretions from glands.

People cry when they are sad and face a lot of difficulties. In reality, tears are not good as they come often to represent our worries. When someone faces a difficult situation or moment they become torn apart and feel like everything is lost. They start to feel alone. At those times they feel like crying. Small children cry when they get hurt and beat by adults. When they grow, they start complaining about the things that they don’t possess and would often end in tears. As teenagers, almost all would fight with their parents or dear ones, and will ultimately end up in crying and mourning. As time passes, each one has their own difficulties and problems of their stage. There comes a time when all needs help. At that time they will surely cry.

“There comes a time when we heed a certain call, when the world must come together as one. There are people dying, oh and it’s time to lend a hand to life, the greatest gift of all.” These famous lines from a song of Michael Jackson, clearly mentions the need for help at times of stress. When someone in our family dies, we sit and mourn for days and weeks because we miss them and is trying to accept the reality that they will never come back. That can never be erased, because people come and go from this world for a reason, so one day we will have to face it. But tears play an important role in our lives. People who don’t cry don’t have the capability for that also. It is really a grace. Only humans have that ability. So we should thank the lord for that.

We all face difficult situations in our lifetime, but we have to overcome it with our strengths. We always make fun of people who cry. When a problem arises be ready to face it, tears may come and we may feel all lost. But never give up. Go behind and shed your tears, don’t let anyone see it. And be ready to help anyone by hiding your sorrows.



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