First love, this word is very special for every one in this world who has ever been in love. First love is a feeling that even after many years stays afresh and gives us an exhilarating ride in the world of nostalgia.

But what actually is love?
A sweet soulful melody, the beauty of spring, mistful fragrance - everything feels pleasant when a person is in love and everything starts revolving around that special someone. Just a slight touch of his hand or merely a sight of him, makes your cheeks blush and give rise to the butterflies in your stomach. That sensational glow of love, is nothing but a cross product of innocent feelings and hormonal changes that are taking place in the body of a person.

And these changes are at peak during puberty, the so called Hangover of first love.

Teen relationships, a topic that was pretty debatable a few decades ago is something that has been normalised now-a-days.

Though earlier, even the relationships of 18 years old people invited much chagrin of the old aged people who nod in pretty much affirmation that these young people have lost their minds.

But in today's world, seeing 14 years olds in relationships is not a matter of wonder today as these things seem much common in today's society, but most of these relationships happen in secrecy from their parents.

Teenage, where a person is under going a lot of physical changes and is under constant mental turmoil due to it, is the phase where a person finds himself/herself really insecure and thus at that point of time, they want someone with whom they can find comfort. A person who will share their sorrows and smiles equally and where they can be themselves without worrying that the other person will judge them.

But not everything happens the way we expect it. In such a way, teen relationships are more of a rollercoaster ride in the fantasy world of fairy land.

While choosing between love and studies, more than 90% people will prefer to choose love (who doesn't like good things afterall). But when reality strikes, it is very late to cope up with the loss and its aftermath.

A heartbreak, is the worst thing possible in this world for love-intoxicated people but trust me, this is the thing that helps us get out of this dreamy land and later, we decide to mend our ways.

I am not saying that relationships are not good but I'm also not promoting it.
In a relationship, if a person chooses the wrong partner, then it invites a whole lot of problems for them. So it is always better to know the limits so that you won't have to repent it later.

At last it's about love, and no one can love us more than our parents. Why not to play our parts in their life and give them all the love that they deserve. It is the best way to share the love that one is capable of giving.



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