Adulteration And Chemical Infusion In Food Items : How Safe Is Your Food ?

Ankita Saloni
May 17, 2019   •  20 views

Everyone knows that no matter how much of a clean place we live at, there is always a little bit of pollution present, at the grass root level.

But the pollution does not remains limited to only the atmosphere, it has started to seep inside our food chains, thus affecting us in various ways.

And it doesn't always happen naturally.

As we have read in our Social Studies classes that everything has two categories, one is natural and the other is human- made.

Thus, humans have decided to contribute their efforts in this manipulation also, and are giving a strong competition to Nature, at times, leaving it in awe of our performance.

Coming to the topic, Adulteration is a very serious issue because it has a direct link with our health.

The earliest evidences that one could remember were the examples of milk, where water was poured in the milk container (it is still in fashion though) to dilute the milk and to earn some extra bucks.

Jokes apart, now-a-days the situation has become really grave as we are advancing in every field, keeping pace with our latest technology, the same could be seen here.

The quality of adulterants used for this purpose is really poor. Some of you must be thinking that they can't even afford good quality adulterants for the purpose of adulteration. It is for their own benefit right? But some of us are naive enough to realize that in some cases, detergent and even toxic chemicals ( yes you read it right, I'm not exaggerating ) are mixed with the food items to gain maximum benefit at minimum cost price so that their ROI ( Return on Investment ) can be maximized manifold.

Most of the sweets that we find at the sweet shops are chemically infused and it is done to prevent them from looking stale and to increase their shelf life.

Whether it is a liquid drink, sweets, snacks or even cereals, adulteration has left its impact everywhere.

And if it was not less, we are surrounded by thousands of fruits and vegetables that have been ripened as the result of infusion of chemicals in them such as carbide. It quickens the process of their ripening and even their size gets enlarged.

But these practices have taken a toll on our own health.

The residuals of these chemicals when ingested get accumulated in the body and thus they enter the food chains, disrupting the food network further.

So, how can we save our family and ourselves from these harmful chemicals?

Even if we start cultivation on our own, then also, there is no guarantee that the cultivated food is 100% free from chemicals.

Because the level of pollution has increased to such an extent, that even the soil pollution is leaving an impact on the food production.

This topic lacks awareness and due to negligence of this issue, its rate has been increasing exponentially day-and-night.

We cannot eradicate it completely but we can surely take some steps to ensure that we are exposed to the minimum amount of chemicals possible.

  • After buying fruits and vegetables, make sure to keep them in lukewarm water to melt the wax on them, if any.

  • Clean the vegetables properly before cooking.

  • Avoid the usage of packaged food as it has a high amount of preservatives in them.

We have a long way to go in order to eradicate this process from root level, and it requires a lot more efforts.

But one thing, that we all can do, is to spread awareness in all possible ways because these problems have only one solution and that is awareness, which we need to spread among all parts of the society so that the effects of these chemicals could be minimised.

The more is the impact of awareness, the less would be the harm by chemicals.

Contribute your part, the world will mend ways itself.



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