I Will Do It Later, A Tale Of Procrastination.

Anjali Arora
Apr 06, 2019   •  157 views

Do you have a habit of putting things off that are needed to be done?

Like, maybe you got a college project a week before and found yourself completing it on the last day. Or you planned to wake up and study for your upcoming exams but you ended up binge watching an hour later.

You keep coming up with bizarre reasons for not getting the work done. Like, it’s just not the right time or maybe you are just too busy/too stressed or it is just you don’t feel like working.Occasionally these reasons may fit to the concerned situation but usually they are just excusing to not wanting to do the work.

That is when, procrastination hits you. When you have loads of work and pending tasks lined up but you spend all you time postponing them.

You must be thinking why do we procrastinate? Well, the reason behind us procrastinating is, because it gives us comfort from the pressure. It creates an opportunity to reschedule the task to the next day, which gives us temporary relief from the pressure of work.

However, these fears can drive us to cling to the hope that if we continue to procrastinate, our situation might improve or magically we will have the courage to face them.

Woefully, it isn’t true. You will have to write that assignment of hundred pages about procrastination no matter how many times you postpone it.

“You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” ―Abraham Lincoln

Also, as we keep procrastinating situations, our fears grow stronger. It becomes more difficult to deal with the situation. Eventually it may affect our finances, career, relationships and even health.

It is high time we make ourselves aware about how damaging procrastination can be and take steps towards bringing it to a stop. Following are few steps which can help you to eliminate procrastination from your life -:

  1. We need to forgive ourselves for procrastinating in the past and break out of the ongoing cycle of procrastination. it is essential to free ourselves from the guilt of procrastinating in the past in order to make a change in the future.

  2. We need to break our goal of the day into small tasks, as smaller goals are easy to start and stick with.

  3. We have to motivate ourselves for doing the task we procrastinated earlier. It is difficult to sit for such tasks, as we will have to face our fears, we have been running from. So, in the begining we can take a target of performing the task for five minutes, It will give us that kick start to complete the task.

  4. Try to form a procrastination free environment by eliminating all the distractions from, around you. It can be deleting the addictive applications from your mobile or maybe keeping your phone on DND (do not disturb) while you are doing a task.

  5. Rewarding our-self, every time we complete a task can also inspire us to complete more tasks on time.

Lastly, it all depends how well is one self-aware. So, find out, if you’re procrastinating your situations or tasks. If yes, then begin today to commit to stepping out of your comfort zones. Take baby steps to eliminate procrastination out of your lives. Because, as it is, it doesn’t matter how fast you are going until you are following the right direction.



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