Who will understand the importance of books other than a bibliophile, yeah that’s the word for the people who love books. For ordinary people, books are just printed papers piled up and stitched together, but for a bibliophile, books are something that can arouse interest and widen imagination. Only A bibliophile can understand the immense joy of loving to read a book. They love the way a book looks and the way they smell. Everything and anything about books fascinates them. They always want to put their hands on more and more books so that they could read all the time. No number of books will ever be enough for them. The most benignant feature of books is that they can easily be carried to a large number of places and is the best option during journeys.

But why do they love books so much? What makes them read so much? The answer is knowledge. Books impart them a wide variety of expertise and increase the depth of their field. Books give them wisdom and intelligence. When you want to spend your time alone, books can be your best friends. There is always a book in the stock of a reader which is ideal for all types of mood. When you are upset, books will unfailingly lift your mood. There is altogether a different world of books. They present before you the world's most exceptional experiences and stories. The world of fiction too appear so enchanting that one can quickly lose track of time. The stories make you relive a character, and one gets so engrossed into that unreal world that one starts imagining oneself as the protagonist of that story.

Certain books enumerate the experiences of the individual and that becomes our sole guide for life. Books are not only an ocean of knowledge but are also a source of entertainment. They can create millions of emotions in just a single chapter.

Haven't we seen people going gaga over a particular book or its series, the most famous one being the Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Twilight? People spend so much money to get the recent release of that book, so that they could be the first one to read it. Books can enchant you in such a way that you will be bound by your own will to read a book in just a day. Some of the books are a masterpiece which can hit your brain when you read it, and you feel an urge of learning more and more when you realize that you almost reached the end of the book.

Excitement creeps in when you start reading a book thinking what the book has in store, to present to you. This excitement builds up as soon as one reads and starts understanding the whole plot. However, the most magical part of a book is the climax which the story of the book deals with. The peak can turn the entire plot upside down and amaze the reader, and that is the most astonishing part of the whole reading journey.



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