Society Cannot Decide Who We Love!

Anjali Agarwal
Jun 27, 2019   •  44 views

Love is only said to be true when it has no boundaries, and it has discovered all the limits and continues to be together. Love is warming and beautiful. It is not necessary that you love the person with the opposite gender always. Why have we differentiated love like this? Why have we stereotyped love to be between people of two opposite sex? Love in any form is love, and if two people love each other by their heart, what does the world care for? Isn't that we have the right to choose who we love?

In our society, the members of the LGBT community are still not given their rights. They are always looked down upon by the people and are abused and exploited. People can't accept that the other two people are in love too, and they are human beings, and the least that this society can allow them to do is to let them choose their partner. Though the Supreme Court has ruled Article 377 as unconstitutional concerning consensual homosexual acts, the traditional Indian society still denies to accept it and hold this as a disgrace to their families.

When people are in love, they cannot see anything else appealing in the world, and their partner becomes the sun of their universe. What a straight girl sees into a boy, the same is seen by a lesbian in her girlfriend, and a gay in his partner, there is not even a slight difference among these love. The feeling of love is eternal, and it is you who will decide who you want to love and not the world. The world will always criticize you in everything you do, but love will make you secure and will help you to deal with all the problems. When two people love each other honestly, then the bond that they share is innocent and pure.

The public justification given by the society is that what good a woman is of if she will not give birth to a baby, but what this society fails to understand is that there are thousands of homeless children, who are seeking homes and parents and the couple still has the option of adoption.

But love has always been powerful, and it has always been capable of overcoming obstacles coming in its way. Love is unique, and wherever there is true love, there is a unique feeling of joy and happiness, and so people must understand that in the end, it doesn’t matter who a person loves, but how a person loves. Love cannot be differentiated, and it will always bloom till eternity.