Money can make and break relations, but love will always bring you closer. This world is ruled by money, and power has been vested only in the hands of the rich. These people love their money and are too miser to part with it. They always look for more and more opportunities to earn money. There has always been a race in the world for money, and also people who have more money are considered to be more civilized. Their love for money is way beyond imagination. They can think about money all the time.

There are various entrepreneurs whose main objective is to earn millions and be one among the richest. Therefore, some of them work hard so that they could make money ethically and morally, while there are some whose, love for money overrules their ethics. The poor, too, love money, but they do not have enough to spend. The desire for money is viral and never-ending; after all, who does not love money. People curse a life without money because this means a life of misery and limitations.

Love for money is the root cause of all evils. Money makes people proud and selfish. They forget their true self and lose their perspective. Also, this love tends to make them greedy. They seek for more and more and never attain satisfaction.

Some people can do anything to get money. That is the primary reason for the continuous increase in crime rates. People want money, and they can go off limits for that. The more you love money, the more you will be attached to it, and so it will affect you the most when there is no money left. So many thefts, murders, kidnaps, and loot is going around in the world because of the love for money. Only if these people could understand that money won’t buy them everything and that it is not static, but it keeps on changing hands, will they be able to progress.

With the increased number of progressive thoughts, there is an increase in the love for money. Though it is said that it is a sin to love money so much, people still commit it. What they care about more, is a lavish and ornate life which only money could provide. So this love can quickly destroy bonds and relationships. It is always better to stay in the mean, that is, neither being too costly nor being too poor because if you love people they will reciprocate the same towards you, but if you love the money you will be a lonely person surrounded by a crowd.