Lov3 Is Not Always Meant To Be Together!

Anjali Agarwal
Jun 29, 2019   •  46 views

It is not always that you get someone whom you love. There are chances where you love someone truly, but you cannot own that love; you cannot get the same love reciprocated by the other person. It is a myth that true love always comes together; it is not the truth, you have to understand that you cannot ever get the same feelings reflected you which you have in yourself for someone. People have their priorities, and they like to take their own decisions, they never want people to judge them. They rule people, and you cannot forcefully make yourself valuable in someone's life if they do not want the same.

The feeling of true love is divine, and not all people get the privilege to enjoy that love and the power that comes with it. It is not always necessary to stay with your passion and spend together with your entire life with them, because that is not the goal of your love. It is something, and people must know and understand this. Love is a feeling that goes through eternity, and no one in the world has the power to break that love. If the goal of your relationship is to stay together, then most certainly you have a wrong concept. To get your love and to feel your love are two different things and only when you understand this, can you be able to stand this world and its norms.

Separation is tough, but when you overcome this distance and still love each other with the same intensity, only then will you be able to see things more clearly. Also, distance in a relationship never harms your bond, but it only makes it durable. It makes you realize the importance of that person in your life. You understand whether you can live with that person or not because once they get the knowledge of separation, they can truly value the closeness between each other.

However, even if you lose your love once in your life, it never means that you will never get it back. Also though the memories will always come as flashbacks and make you feel miserable, you can still ignore it and make new memories as then the old memories will start fading in the background. It always depends on who you choose as your partner. But this is not still true that love is always meant to be together because it is not so. A relationship sustains only when you can overcome all the difficulties, see all the flaws, and still choose to fight for each other.