The Top 5 Hallmark Royal Christmas Movies Of All Time

Anisha Yadav
Jul 18, 2019   •  73 views

Yes, I know that there was an article like this before, but in this article I'll be counting down on some of the royal Christmas movies. There are many movies like this but some just touch our hearts and never leave.

1) A Princess for christmas

A young girl from buffalo who has just lost her job and has two of her late sister's son, is invited by the grandfather of the children who lives in a huge mansion. This is her only chance to give these two kids the Christmas of their dreams. Story takes a turn when Jules ends up falling in love with Ashton the children's uncle. Although the fussy grandfather not very fond of Christmas, but soon, Christmas starts spreading its magic.

2) Royally Ever After

A young teacher Sara is in love with a handsome British man, but unaware of his real identity, when she gets to know he's a prince of a small county, she's taken aback, but still flies with him to his homeland and tries to adjust in his lifestyle. Offcourse the movie does have a happy ending.

3) Royal Matchmaker

A hundred percent successful rate matchmaker Kate is invited to a small county by a king to find a wife for his son, Sebastian who is not interested in marriage. Both of them initially don't go very well, but end up falling in love with each other at the end.

4) A Royal Christmas

A love story of a simple girl from NY falling in love with a young and handsome prince. And now they are off to meet his mother, only to discover that she's just perfect a fit but to work as Kitchen staff. And at the end realise that she was wrong and reunite her son with his love.

5) A Crown for Christmas

Allie gets fired from her job, only to land next one under a king and take care of his daughter. Although the king is supposed to be engaged to Celia, but an unexpected turn comes in when he starts falling in love with Allie rather than Celia and decides to anything for his daughters happiness.